Ports policy review

Port master plans

Finalised detailed guidance on the material that should be included in Port Master Plans, a summary of consultation responses and an Impact Assessment.

Ports policy review interim report

DfT's Interim Report on the Ports Policy Review, following consultation undertaken in 2006.

19 July 2007

Update of Port Demand Forecasts and Transhipment Studies (903 kb)

This report, commissioned by DfT from MDS Transmodal, provides long-term forecasts of freight traffic and an assessment of the impacts of additional container port capacity for the transhipment market, it updates two studies published on this website on 22 May 2006 (see Related Links).

19 July 2007

Technical audit of the MDST Transhipment Study (518 kb)

The Technical audit finds: i) The model provides useful insights into how deepsea container traffic would be redistributed in the event of a shortfall in capacity in Great Britain. ii) Concerns about the model expressed by representatives of the ports industry have partly arisen because they envisage it being used for purposes for which it has not been designed. iii) Although some assumptions used in the model can be disputed, the model is fit for the purpose it was intended for.

30 September 2009

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