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Act on CO2 communications campaign

Blue Badge Scheme

Roads Strategy

Road pricing enquiries

Road User Safety - driver, rider and pedestrian behaviour (eg speeding, drink-driving, mobile phones, child road safety, seat belt wearing).

Before emailing the road safety team or if you need publicity materials, visit the advice page on the THINK! road safety campaign website:

Posters, leaflets, etc are available only via the link under 'see our ads' from that page to the Think! catalogue.

Traffic Management - Street Works: general enquiries for street works including operation of noticing and permits schemes. All queries about works on motorways should be sent to the Highways Agency address below.

Questions on the design, maintenance and operation of roads need to go:

a) in the case of local roads, to the Highways Department at the relevant local authority.

b) in the case of major trunk roads and motorways, questions should be addressed to the Department's Highways Agency (

See local telephone book for local authority numbers

Traffic Advisory Leaflets

Traffic Management - Traffic Regulation, Civil Parking Enforcement (England).

Traffic Management - Traffic Signals, Pedestrian Crossings, Lighting, Urban Traffic Management and Control, Bus Priority

Traffic Management - Traffic Signs and Road Markings

Vehicle Testing Policy, e.g. MOT - Licensing queries need to be referred to the DVLA

Vehicle Standards and Engineering - general enquiries