The Department for Transport helps the freight logistics industry to be efficient, resilient, environmentally friendly and safe. These pages contain information on road freight and encouraging a shift from road to inland waterway, short sea shipping and to rail. They also cover regulation, research and Government initiatives and the resilience of supply chains.

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Freight Modal Choice Study Final Conclusions

This report identifies in which market sectors there is potential for growth in rail and water freight and might encourage businesses transporting products in these sectors to make greater use of these alternative modes.

24 January 2011

Freight Modal Choice Study

This report is a review of the existing evidence on the addressable market for rail and water freight, specifically with regard to commodities which are currently transported by road but could be transported by other modes.

01 April 2010

Review of low carbon technologies for heavy goods vehicles

The report presents an analysis of a number of HGV technologies with carbon saving potential and evaluates these technologies in terms of CO2 benefits, technology costs, environmental costs arising from production of the technology, safety and other limitations, and the maturity of the technology within the market. The report then provides a summary of which technologies are the most promising in terms of CO2 benefits when all these other factors are taken into consideration.

Carriage of dangerous goods

Dangerous goods are transported by various modes which are governed by mode specific regulations.

Rail freight

Information relating to the transportation of freight via railway are contained here, including information on rail freight grants.

Road freight

Information relating to aspects of road transportation of freight are contained here.

Water freight

Information relating to transportation of freight via water are contained here.


Details of the Freight Logistics research programme, forthcoming projects and an Expression of Interest form for potential contractors.

Freight Best Practice programme

Contact details and information on DfT's Freight Best Practice programme, which offers free publications to help freight operators improve their efficiency.

14 August 2006

Email contacts

Contacts in the department for freight enquiries.

18 November 2003
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23 March 2009

Introduction to freight

Find out more about the Department for Transport's work on freight.

07 September 2007

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