Crime and public transport

The Department aims to reduce crime and fear of crime on public transport by publishing good practice, encouraging a multi-agency approach and promoting crime reduction initiatives. For an overview of what we do, read our 'Introduction to crime and public transport'.

Estimated costs to society of crime on public transport in England 2006/07

The key findings on estimated numbers of crimes committed on public transport and the estimated costs of particular crimes committed on public transport.

21 July 2010

Secure Stations Scheme

Resource materials relating to the Secure Stations Scheme, which aims at cutting down crime at rail stations. Revised in March 2005.

Improving personal security across the whole journey

This section contains information on the personal safety of passengers on public transport. This includes guidelines for operators, general perceptions about safety issues, good practice case studies and advice for passengers and staff.

Personal security of taxi and private hire vehicle (PHV) drivers

Taxi and PHV drivers often have to work in isolated places, at night, deal with strangers and carry cash, all of which makes them particularly vulnerable to violence. This section contains guidance notes for taxi and PHV drivers on measures they can take to stay safe.

'The School Run' training programme for bus drivers

A training progamme for bus drivers to improve the relationship between bus drivers and school children.

About the British Transport Police information

Information on the British Transport Police (BTP) which is the national police force for the railways providing a policing service to rail operators, their staff and passengers throughout England, Wales and Scotland.

Crime and disorder on public transport

This briefing paper is for Crime and Disorder Partnerships. Its aim is to encourage them to address the issue of public transport safety.

07 November 2001
Last update:
15 October 2008

Introduction to crime and public transport

Information about how the Department for Transport aims to reduce crime and the fear of crime on public transport.

13 November 2007

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