Freedom of Information

Image: Freedom of Information logo (including to link to FOI website)

The Department for Transport, like all other government departments, is a "public authority" to which the Freedom of Information Act 2000 ("the FOI Act") applies. The DfT is comprised of a central policy organisation and seven executive agencies. The DfT agencies are part of DfT for this and other purposes - they have no separate legal identity and are not public authorities in their own right.

The FOI Act aims to make information held by public authorities more accessible to the public and allows individuals and companies to request a wide variety of material.

This section summarises DfT's FOI request handling procedures. It aims to satisfy the requirements of the Code of Practice.

What you need to know about making an FOI request

This section summarises DfT's FOI request handling procedures and provides an online form to submit requests.

DfT responses to FOI Requests

This section provides information released by DfT in response to Freedom of Information requests.

DfT's Publication Scheme

This section outlines the categories of information that the Department and its Agencies publish and how to obtain these publications.

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