Standing Advisory Committee for Trunk Road Assessment (SACTRA)

The Standing Advisory Committee on Trunk Road Assessment (SACTRA) is an independent committee appointed by the Secretary of State for Transport to advise on issues related to the appraisal of trunk roads. From time to time the Committee is given specific terms of reference.

SACTRA's initial terms of reference can be simplified into the following strands:

  • What is the nature and significance of the relationship between transport provision and economic growth?
  • Is there scope to reduce the transport 'intensity' of the economy?
  • What are the implications for the appraisal of individual transport schemes - both of which seek to meet the demand for movement and of those which seek to reduce road traffic growth?
  • What recommendations follow from our analysis of conventional transport appraisal for the Department's procedures and practice?

From time to time the Committee is given specific terms of reference. The Committee is not meeting at present - its work on the last remit having been completed in August 1999 with the publication of the final report. There are no current plans to provide a new remit.

Transport investment, transport intensity and economic growth: interim report

Interim report.

16 March 2000

Transport and the economy: Government response to SACTRA report

08 May 2000

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