Accommodation And Subsistence

Day subsistence

  • Attendance lasting up to five hours 2.25
  • Attendance lasting between five hours and 10 hours 4.50
  • Attendance lasting over 10 hours 9.75

These are fixed allowances towards the cost of refreshments and we will pay you the appropriate amount automatically. Your attendance includes time spent travelling to and from the Inquiry premises as well as the time you spend giving evidence. You can only claim for time when you had to attend. If you stayed on after finishing giving evidence, we will not pay you for this time.

Overnight allowance

If you cannot get to the Inquiry to give evidence in time in the morning or get home on the same day after giving evidence, you may have to stay overnight.

  • Attendance overnight in Northern Ireland, hotel paid for by witness 65.00
  • Attendance overnight in London, hotel paid for by witness 95.00


  • Night subsistence allowance 21.00
  • Personal incidental allowance 5.00

For allowances for attendance in other locations in the UK, Ireland or elsewhere, please consult the witness liaison team on 020 7976 0475.

If requested the witness liaison team will arrange and pay for bed and breakfast accommodation in a hotel. If an evening meal is also included, you will only be entitled to the personal incidental allowance. If no evening meal is included, you will also be entitled to the night subsistence allowance. These allowances are fixed amounts towards the cost of meals, refreshments, accommodation and other expenses when you have to stay away from home. The overnight allowance covers your absence from home for 24 hours. If you are required to stay on or if you are travelling home after this 24-hour period, we will pay day subsistence at the appropriate rate.

If you stay with family or friends, you will only receive the following single payment.

  • Night subsistence allowance 25.00

Please see the Inquiry's Witness Expenses Claim Form, which may be downloaded or printed from this site.