Press Notices

Press Notice 05/01

2nd March 2005

The Rosemary Nelson Inquiry today issued an Initial Procedural Statement. This Statement makes clear the Inquiry’s intention to carry out its task with rigour, thoroughness and fairness, and to adopt flexible, even-handed and open procedures which will enable it expeditiously and economically to establish the facts and to make recommendations.

The Initial Procedural Statement sets out the Inquiry’s current thinking on a number of procedural issues, including announcing the intention to grant Full Participant status to the family of Rosemary Nelson, the Northern Ireland Office and the Police Service of Northern Ireland.

Opening Hearing

In the Initial procedural Statement, the Inquiry has announced that it will hold an Opening Hearing at Craigavon Civic Centre in Co Armagh at 11.00am on Tuesday 19 April.

At the Opening Hearing the Chairman, Sir Michael Morland, will make a short opening statement, introducing the Inquiry Panel and setting out how they intend to conduct the Inquiry. Arrangements will be made for this opening statement to be filmed and broadcast.

Submissions invited

The Inquiry has invited submissions on matters relevant to its work or proposed procedures, as summarized in the Initial Procedural Statement, and in particular it has invited applications for Full Participant status, for representation and for public funding.

The Inquiry has also invited observations on whether limited immunities from subsequent criminal or disciplinary proceedings should be sought in respect of information, documents or evidence provided to the Inquiry.

Documents sought

The Inquiry is already actively engaged in seeking relevant documentary evidence from a number of individuals and organizations. However, the Initial Procedural Statement also invites anyone who holds or knows of documents which might assist the Inquiry to contact the Inquiry.

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