Travel Expenses

Public transport: We will repay in full your rail, bus, coach and tube fares at standard class rates.

Car: If you use your own vehicle, we will pay you 25p a mile. If you give a lift to another witness who is also giving evidence to the Inquiry or to a person authorised to come with you, we will pay you an extra 2p a mile for the first passenger and 1p a mile for every other passenger. In very unusual circumstances, if you can show that you had to use your own car instead of public transport (for example, because there was no public transport, or because it saved you a considerable amount of time and money, or because you are disabled or elderly), we may pay you a higher rate of 45p a mile. You will need to prove to us that you needed to use your own car to be eligible for the higher rate.

Motorcycle: Similar rules apply if you use your own motorcycle. We will pay you 23.8p a mile. In very unusual circumstances, we may pay you the higher rate of 25.4p a mile if you can show that you needed to use your own vehicle instead of public transport.

Bicycle: If you travel by bicycle we will pay you 20p a mile.

Parking: We will normally only pay parking charges if you can prove that you needed to use your own vehicle. Please note that in no circumstances will we pay parking fines incurred while giving evidence to the Inquiry.

Taxi: We will only pay the cost of taxi fares or other hired vehicles (including any reasonable tips) in an emergency, or if you are ill, disabled or elderly, or if you had no other available method of transport. You must provide receipts. Please note that we will not pay the cost of a taxi to wait while you are giving evidence.

Other transport: If you plan to use some other form of transport (such as by air or sea), contact the Inquiry witness liaison team on 020 7976 0475 for advice about whether we will pay the cost. If we agree, we will only pay the economy class fare.

Advance payments: We will only pay travel costs in advance if you need urgent help to get to the Inquiry premises. This will normally be a rail warrant or train tickets but we may provide a cheque or cash payment if rail travel is not possible.

You must mention on your claim form any cash or cheque advance payments or any rail warrants or train tickets that you have been given. If you travel by air, we will normally buy your ticket for you.

Please see the Inquiry's Witness Expenses Claim Form, which may be downloaded or printed from this site.