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Press Notice 06/02

25th October 2006

The Inquiry has today issued its 3rd Procedural Update, in which it announces that it has, reluctantly, concluded that it will not be possible to begin its Full Hearings in January as announced in its 1st Procedural Update last December. In the Inquiry's view, it would not be fair to the Full Participants (including the family Full Participants), nor consistent with the Inquiry's own approach to its work, to keep to the previously announced date of 16th January 2007. There is not enough time available to complete the outstanding work required before the hearings and to enable the Full Participants to prepare for those hearings.

The Inquiry recognises that this news will disappoint some of those who are concerned with its work. It has reached its decision only after carefully considering the progress made to date in all areas of its work and the adverse consequences of deciding to maintain the present start date.

The Procedural Update goes on to give some details of the Inquiry's continuing work, and the Inquiry hopes those comments will help to explain the present decision and to put it into its context.

In view of the amount and the range of work which remains to be completed to enable the Inquiry and the Full Participants fully and properly to prepare for the Full Hearings, the Inquiry has decided not to set a specific date for those hearings to begin at this stage. The Inquiry's current estimate, however, is that the Full Hearings will not begin before September 2007.

As and when it is possible to do so, the Inquiry will announce a definite start date for the Full Hearings and issue a timetable of the procedural steps leading up to those hearings.

The Procedural Update also announces that the Full Hearings will take place in the Interpoint Centre, 20-24 York Street, Belfast BT15 1AQ.

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