Press Notices

Press Notice 07/01

23rd July 2007

The Inquiry has today announced that it will be holding a Case Management Hearing on Tuesday 16th and Wednesday 17th October 2007 at the Interpoint Centre in Belfast. That Hearing will consider a number of procedural and timetable issues, and will set a date for the opening of the Full Hearings.

The purpose of holding a Case Management Hearing is to ensure that proceedings can be taken forward as rapidly and efficiently as possible. This is a very complex Inquiry dealing with important and sensitive issues. The Panel wish to make clear that the Inquiry has proceeded and will continue to proceed as rapidly as it can, given the issues raised, the volume and nature of the evidence, the need to be fair at all times to the participants, and the Panel's responsibility to avoid placing the lives or well-being of individuals under threat. The Panel hope to start the Full Hearings as early as possible in 2008, but feel it is important to take the views of the Full Participants into account in setting a firm date.

The Case Management Hearing and the Full Hearings will be held at the Interpoint Centre, 20-24 York Street, Belfast BT15 1AQ.

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