Current Key Documents

Statement from the Inquiry


On 6 May 2008 the Rosemary Nelson Inquiry found that a compact disc containing both personal and protectively marked material relating to the Inquiry had been lost.

The relevant authorities have been informed.

The Inquiry has worked closely with the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) and other agencies to ensure that any risk to individuals has been assessed and minimised at the earliest possible opportunity and a thorough investigation into the incident is being conducted by the police.

The disc is not believed to have been stolen.

The Inquiry has been advised that there are currently no grounds to suspect that there will be any adverse consequences as a result of this loss.

Given the nature of the information, it would not be appropriate to say more about the material involved. 

The Inquiry deeply regrets this serious breach of secure data handling protocols within the Inquiry.

Immediate steps have been taken to avoid any recurrence and a comprehensive review of all aspects of data handling has been initiated.

The Inquiry is determined that the incident should not in any way compromise or impede its investigation into the circumstances of the death of Rosemary Nelson.

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