Funding And Expenses

This page and those linked below set out the current rates and upper limits of allowances payable to witnesses who give a statement or give evidence at the Inquiry’s hearings. Please note that a witness who attends but refuses to give evidence is not entitled to receive any of these allowances.

The Inquiry’s rates and upper limits are the same as those for the Courts Service and will be reviewed from time to time in line with them. The Inquiry will apply the current rates to your claim.

Further guidance is available on this site on the rates or limits for:

Witness Expense Claim Form

Legal Representation

If you require legal representation, please see the Funding Protocol on this website. Please note the requirement to obtain the agreement of the Inquiry Solicitor in advance of incurring any costs of this kind.

Costs of a Companion

If someone has to come with you when you give a statement or give evidence at the hearings, for other reasons than to provide legal representation, they may be able to claim costs as well. Circumstances in which an allowance may be granted for the costs of a companion include where the witness is under 17 years of age, the witness is disabled and in need of assistance to attend or provide evidence, or the witness is elderly or infirm.

If you think you may be entitled to bring a companion who would be eligible to claim an allowance, you should consult our witness liaison team on 020 7976 0475. Your companion will need to fill in their own claim form, explaining the reasons why they need to accompany you.


If you have any difficulties or questions arising from the filling out of the claim form then please contact our witness liaison team on 020 7976 0475 who will be happy to help you.