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Changes to PartnerNet

PartnerNet is now served from a new Our Partners area of the HA website. Further changes are planned to improve the way we deliver information to our partners.

The Project Control Framework

On 1st April 2008 we launched the Project Control Framework. The Framework sets out how we, together with the Department for Transport, manage and deliver major improvement projects.

Efficiency Gains from Collaborative Roads Procurement

Delivering efficiency and best value is central

Forward Planning Guidance

What's New?

March 2009

  • An Interim Update (dated February 2009) has been issued to supplement the March 2007 LNMS Value Management (VM) Guidance. The Interim Update provides a scoring method for Accessibility Schemes including those providing benefits for disabled users. It also provides a method for adjusting the scores of those non-Accessibility schemes which provide benefits for disabled users.
  • The Interim Update (February 2009) together with the March 2007 LNMS VM Guidance should be used for all schemes being Value Managed after 1 April 2009.
  • The Project Appraisal Report (PAR) has been amended to be compatible with the new guidance. PAR (Version 5.0) is available on the Traffic & Economics Community on the HA Portal and in the Project Appraisal subcommunity on the HA's Supply Chain Portal website.

March 2007

  • A new version of the LNMS VM Guidance is now available. This supersedes the Feb 2005 LNMS VM Guidance and the March 2006 Interim Update and should be used from 1 April 2007
  • TO is continuing with its high level review of the processes connected with the identification and prioritisation of improvement projects and the outcome of the review will inform future updates of the LNMS VM Guidance.
  • The Building the Programme section has been changed to Delivering Objectives. This contains material relating to what is required to deliver targets and objectives including the TOPG and PSA reliability Delivery Plan, and advice on influencing travel behaviour, Information and communications technology, Research and development, Safety Action Plan, Small scheme improvements and traffic manager.

Comments/Suggestions facility - please use the Comments box on the front page to let us know how we can make the community more useful to you.

This New Portal Community

The Forward Planning Guidance has traditionally been issued annually to inform the forward programming process, including Continuous Value Management. 

The Forward Planning Guidance for use in 2005 has been issued under Area Management Memo 59 (April 2005) but this HA Portal Community has been launched at the same time to present the Guidance in a more user-friendly way, remove repetition and make it clear how the documents relate to each other. Electronic links to other relevant documents and parts of the Guidance have been added. Links will be provided to and from HA WwW.

The Guidance will in future only be updated in the Portal Community and whenever required rather than on an annual basis.

Any changes will be clearly marked.

The 7 former documents are now updated and presented as follows:

Former Document Name Directorate Responsible Where To Find This Now
Strategic Planning Guidance
Strategic Priorities
Programme Objectives Guide (POG)
Programme Objectives
Forward Planning Financial Framework
The Business Planning Framework
Traffic Operations Programming Guidance
Building The Programme
Value Management of the Regional Roads Programme
Value Management of the Regional Roads Programme
Value Management of the Structures Renewal Programme
Value Management of the Structures Renewal Programme
Value Management of Local Network Management Schemes
Value Management of Local Network Management Schemes

Changes from the 2004 Guidance

Changes have been clearly marked within each document and highlighted for ease of reference.