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Manchester prison, formerly known as Strangeways, is a local prison which accepts people remanded into custody from the courts in the Greater Manchester area. The prison opened in June 1868. in 1963 it was decided that the prison would no longer hold women prisoners, and in 1980 it began to accept remand prisoners.

Following a major disturbance in 1990, the prison was re-built, and the running and management of the prison was put out to tender. The Prison Service won the contract and re-opened the prison in 1994. The prison was again put out to tender and the Prison Service won the contract again in 2001. In early 2003 HMP Manchester became part of the High Security Estate.


1 Southall Street


M60 9AH

Tel: 0161 817 5600

Fax: 0161 817 5601

Governor: Richard Vince

Accommodation: Two Victorian radial blocks (A, B, C, D, E  and  G, H, I, K) with a mix of single and double cells. All have in cell power points and integral sanitation.

Operational capacity: 1269 as of 4th August 2008


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