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This web channel provides health care professionals with all the latest news on the modernisation of health and social care.

It brings together in one place news, information, resources and updates on the changes. It puts the changes in context and captures the latest developments for NHS providers, GP commissioning, public health and local government. It includes comment and opinions from people throughout the health and care system and reflects a range of voices from the forefront of the changes.

It provides health care professionals, as well as others interested in the future direction of health and social care, with the opportunity to hear what others have to say, give their own views and take part in discussions on key issues.

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  1. Nigel Starey says:

    Four gaps which need filling before I have confidence in the bill’s arrangements:
    1. GPs and GP consortia need to be more accountable first to patients whose agents they are – possibly through “Membership fora”
    2. Clinical governance and quality assurance of care provision has to be addressed for the system to have confidence in providers – Where is the Responsible officer in Primary care?
    3.GP consortia need to have “make &/or buy powers” to improve clinical efficiency and integrate care – central to this being effective will be community staff working as part of integrated “Primary healthcare teams” This means rethinking the arrangements for Acute and Mental health foundation trusts hosting these community services.
    4. Local commissioning arrangements need a “House of Lords” or consultation fora linking local specialist providers, the Local authority and voluntary sector – possibly rethink the terms of reference of local Health & wellbeing boards to fill this gap.

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