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Last reviewed: 11/01/2010

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leviathan said on 05 September 2010

very sad stories but nice to read thanks for sharing them.
i wrote this it describes what im going through.its called the voice.
sometimes it takes over my mind and my soul
it attacks with fury rage and all
the voice i hear is malignant and vile
it attacks with vigour and anger but little style
it attacks me all day without thought or remorse
its insults hurt like a kick from a horse
this voice i hear ive heard it for years
it shouts out constantly in my ears
come sunshine come storm and followed by rain
its always there to dish out its pain
as night draws in and i long for my bed
the voice ive heard subsides in my head
always alive its never dead
creature or devil or human kind
this thing took up residence in my mind
we live together in torment and hell
it lingers about like the foulest of smells
i pray one day that this voice it dies
and leaves the place were it once resides.

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