Military medicine

Surviving the battlefield

Find out how advances in emergency medicine are saving lives on the battlefield.

War's medical advances

Treatment of battlefield injuries has led to advancements in reconstructive surgery and other areas.

A C-17 Globemaster

Military care in the NHS

Military and NHS staff work as a team to save the lives of injured soldiers who are flown back to the UK for treatment.

Intensive care at Selly Oak Hospital

How soldiers cope with waking up at Selly Oak Hospital after serious injury on the battlefield.

'Surgery saved my hand after bomb blast'

Private Neil McCallion, 24, talks about the pioneering surgery that saved his hand after a bomb blast in Afghanistan.

Airlifting the wounded

Aeromed airlifts the wounded back to Britain. It's a lifeline for service personnel injured in the line of duty.

Rehabilitation at Headley Court

Combat casualties rehabilitating at Headley Court focus on rejoining their unit as soon as possible.

'I lost my leg in Iraq'

Sergeant Mark Sutcliffe, 29, who lost his leg in Iraq, talks about his treatment and learning to walk again.

NHS or military hospitals?

Treating wounded military personnel in NHS hospitals means servicemen and women receive the best care available.

RAF Halton: rehabilitation

Three injured members of the armed forces talk about their rehabilitation at RAF Halton.

Military care at new Birmingham hospital

Military care will be further improved with the opening of a £545m state-of-the-art hospital in Birmingham.

Military physio

Intensive courses at Regional Rehabilitation Units reduce the number of military patients requiring surgery.

Maxine Martin

Remedial instructors

The remedial instructor is one of the more specialised medical roles to emerge from treating injured soldiers.

Military mental health

Mental healthcare for armed forces serving personnel, reservists and veterans, and how to get support.

Veterans: mental health

Mental health services and support for veterans and reservists in the armed forces, and how to get help.

Military health services

Healthcare information for military personnel and veterans, including getting treatment and contacts.

Military medicine: photo essay

David Cotterrell's photo essay captures the entire medical process from battlefield injury to rehabilitation back home.

Video: treating injured soldiers

Find out how University Hospitals Birmingham provides medical care for the military services.

Video: the military bubble

Sgt Mark Sutcliffe, who was injured in Iraq, describes how the military service cares for soldiers and their families.

Video: bionic hands

Watch a prosthetist at a military rehabilitation centre demonstrate two electronic hands and their technology.

Video: military rehab

Watch patients and staff talk about getting injured personnel back into action, in the field or at home.

Military medicine

Military medicine: timeline

Discover through this interactive timeline how military medicine has driven medical advance and innovation.