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NHS Choices syndicated content

This page will give you a complete overview of how to use Choices content. Please visit it regularly to find out about the latest syndication developments. In addition, have a look at the syndication feeds forum, where you can find details of all feeds and features, videos, helpful hints and tips, and examples of how different partners are using NHS Choices syndicated content. You can also share ideas and ask questions in our forum.

Working in partnership via content syndication

Each month, around two million people access NHS Choices content on more than 100 partner websites, including primary care trusts (PCTs), GP practices and local authorities, Mumsnet and Boots. Our free syndication programme allows partners to embed NHS Choices content (including multimedia tools and more than 400 videos) within their websites, negating the need for in-house development or external signposting. In the past year, 25 million people have viewed NHS content via partner websites. Read the NHS Warwickshire case study.

New and upcoming

We are in the process of releasing new syndication feeds, as well as updating existing ones, making them easier to use. Upgrades to Live Well and Health A-Z feeds are now complete.

The comments feed is now available, allowing you to incorporate comments and ratings against GP practices and hospitals made by the general public on NHS Choices. We are developing a widget to allow easy integration of comments on your websites, pre-set to a postcode area, and will let you know when this is complete.

Carers Direct is now available for syndication. Carers Direct is a national information service offering advice and support specially aimed at carers, including how to get financial help, advice on getting a break from caring, going to work and taking care of their own health and wellbeing.

New NHS Choices offerings include a range of planners, which can now be syndicated. The planners available are:

New syndication feeds will be made available for the sections Common health questions and Find and choose services. Find and choose services will bring the directory of health and social care services on to the new platform. A later phase, due early next year, will include an enhanced feed for Find and choose services, with the ability to syndicate individual service profiles such as a GP practice or hospital profile.

The API key supplied to you as part of your integration will allow you to access the newer feeds. If you don’t have one, please contact Matt George (local authorities and NHS organisations) or Shikha Malhotra (all other organisations), who will be happy to supply you with one.

Videos and tools 

As a syndication partner, you have access to more than 400 videos that you can easily add to your site, pulling in dynamic and engaging content. In addition, we offer a range of interactive tools, such as a fitness assessment tool, a BMI calculator and a smoking calculator. These flash-based applications can be used to provide interesting and relevant information to your users, and are easy to integrate into your existing site. For further information about these, please see our syndication tools and syndication videos pages.

Your stories

We recently spoke to Brent council, AOL UK and Solihull PCT to find out how they went about using the web feeds. You can watch their responses on this page. 

We would like to hear how you got on when implementing our services, be it a good experience, problems encountered, innovative ways you have used the content, or if you think anything could be improved. If you have any comments, please see our forums at We’d like to feature some of these responses in future newsletters – please let us know whether or not you want your feedback to be considered for use.

Here are some examples of recent successful integrations:

Please let us know how you are getting on – if you go live with the content, don’t forget to tell us (

Last reviewed: 11/04/2011

Next review due: 10/04/2013


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