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From the Couch to 5K forum

  • Re: New to running

    Well maybe. Do you have any parks near you, or tracks which aren't tarmaced? They will help reduce the impact on your joints in much the same way as the treadmill does. One thing that has really surprised me about this running lark is the complete acceptance from everyone. People I pass in the street may raise an eyebrow at my panting frame lumbering...

  • by CaralynR
    Written 21 hours ago

From the Couch to 5K forum

  • New to Running

    Hi all, I'm a very overweight 38 year old who has been set the challenge of competing in a triathlon next summer. Most people have parties or holidays to celebrate turning 40, I want to get fit and complete a challenge. I have been gradually building up my fitness by going to the gym initially once a week, then by adding in classes like bodypump...

  • by Foot Lady
    Written 18 hours ago

From the Couch to 5K forum

  • Re: To heavy to run faster?

    Many thanks to all of you. You got me back to earth I don't know why I paniced so much this morning. I think I will do as you said, go slow, increase the miles and see if I get faster. I'll also try to save my energy for last few minutes. Then I'll know that the end is in sight Unfortunatelly I don't know anybody else who is running...

  • by munichgirl
    Written 19 hours ago

From the Mental health blog

  • (Part 2) Clinical Psychology Session: how the moderator feels

    So to get back to the post I never got finishing... If you haven't read it yet, check out the part 1 of this post a few posts back (sorry, I haven't figured out how to put in a link yet!). T made a suggestion that she felt would take the pressure off the part that controls and moderates and decides who gets what internally. Basically, I think...

  • by Candycan
    Written 13 hours ago
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From the Couch to 5K forum

  • Re: My Diary

    Well done Shelly It's always nice getting new music isn't it - it makes the run more interesting that's for sure! I'm getting a bit bored with the week 9 podcast - I've had it ages now! You're very lucky not to get a stitch! I thought I was rid of them but I seem to get them on every run now which is very irritating as I have...

  • by Kate1991
    Written 16 hours ago

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