Summer health

Barbecue food safety

It's important to cook food thoroughly at a barbecue to avoid food poisoning. Find out how to tell when your meat is done.

Preventing hay fever

How to prevent hay fever and reduce your symptoms, including closing windows and when to stay indoors.

Girl applying sun block

Sun safety Q&A

Stay safe in the sun, including sunscreens, sunburn relief, heat exhaustion, eczema and moles.

Summer safety for younger children

Summer holidays are great fun for children, but can bring risks. Here are some tips for keeping them safe.

Heatwave: be prepared

Why heatwaves are dangerous, who's most at risk in extreme heat, and how to keep cool and safe.

Travel during pregnancy

A guide to travelling while pregnant, with information on air travel, vaccinations and travel insurance.


Find out how to treat insect stings, and how to tell if the sting is more serious and needs urgent medical help.

Sun protection for eyes and skin

Reduce your risk of skin cancer and eye damage by protecting against the sun's harmful rays.

Safer sex on holiday

Protect yourself from a sexually transmitted infection or unplanned pregnancy on holiday.

Keeping safe outdoors

Prepare for a safe day out cycling in the country or hiking along the coast, with tips from a mountain rescue expert.

Video: hay fever

Video of an expert talking about hay fever, including triggers, symptoms and how to treat it.


Get ready for summer

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Change4Life activity planner

Keep the whole family fit and active with this handy activity planner.

Open clinic on hay fever

More information on the open clinic on hay fever

Join our open clinic on hay fever, hosted by a team of experts, between 20 & 26 May.

Summer feet tips

Ten tips on how to keep your feet in sandal-ready shape throughout summer.

Weather and hay fever

How the weather and time of day can affect hay fever, and how you can reduce your exposure to pollen.

Beach safety

To make the most of your time at the seaside, be informed about the dangers and follow these simple safety tips.

Travel health

Advice for people travelling abroad, including malaria, travel vaccinations, EHIC, travel insurance, DVT and jet lag.

Festival health

Sex, drugs and loo roll: your essential guide to staying healthy during the music festival season.