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What's it all about?

by Karin Donnelly on 16 February 2009

Well I'm fed up!  Not sure how else I can say it without ranting!!

Doctor decided to change my meds again so I am on yet another Anti-Depressant.  Think so far I have been on Fluoxetine, Dosulepin, Citalopram, Venlafaxine, Duloxetine and now Paroxetine!!  There may even be one that I have forgotten to list, who knows I have stopped counting now.  Oh as well as Propranolol on and off!  I am getting bored now of changing, I just want a tablet that works and makes me feel "normal".

My local Community Mental Health Team won't touch me, they said that my appearance is too good and I had great eye contact with them!  Never mind the fact that I have had ongoing depression for over 10 years and have yet to find a medication that works for me.

I went to my psychotherapy assessment, infact I had 2 of them and they had said that they will now place me on the waiting list but the waiting list is 12 - 18 months long.  So they have now opened a huge can of emotional worms which I am struggling to deal with and I now have to wait at least a year to talk about it properly again.  Agggghhhhh

What's it all about?


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shishg said on 20 February 2009
Th one thing I know about depression is that there is no magic pill to cure the problem bud. whatever it is that originally caused the onset of depression will still be there. The first step to solving the problem is accepting the worst that could happen - the reality is that it hardly ever does & if it does then you have accepted it anyway. From this point you can start living your life. The second step is to live your life in day tight compartments - ie you never dwell on what happened or went wrong yesterday - you cant unspill spilled milk & You never worry about what will happen tomorrow. The only way to live is to live for today - as only today matters The third step is change something in your life, take up an activity, some volutary work perhaps, join a club - soemthing you enjoy and are able to do. Your mind is your best friend and but it can be your wort enemy - I been there - do this & you may loose the pills Chris
Half Glass Full said on 31 July 2009

Hi ya, so sorry you have been on so many tablets.  I too was on a few before one suited me.

I have suffered from depression since I was 13, eventually going on anti-depressants at 35 (13 years ago).  I am now trying to come off them but not really sure if I will go down hill or not but I have to see.

What I have found to help is Omega 3.  I take 2 x 1200 mg tablet each day and after 3 months I really felt the difference.  As my depression is anger related people don't really want to help me either so I help myself as much as I can.

I am also having acupuncture which has helped a great deal.  I am also pushing myself to go down the gym.  Although I have to say I hate it and it is a struggle and not quite into it yet !!

The other thing I find is if I have to many sweets/chocolate I come down quite a bit and get very irritable and low.

I find there is not a lot of help out there at all but if I can help with what has worked for me then that will make me happy.

If you are on the edge of a cliff ready to jump then you get loads of help, but if you (like me) are good at acting and seem "normal" to the outside world then they don't tend to help.

When I am really angry I am at my lowest in depression, who is going to help me in this state?  If I cry my eyes out I get help!!  

I found Congnictive Therepy is a good place to start also Psychology that uses the "Life Traps" method.  This was a huge help and eye opener for me.

Good luck to everyone on this site - I hope what I have found to help a bit may help you all in some way.

Oh, and caffeine is not very good for you - and this is from the Cappuccino addicted lady !!  Well one thing at a time I guess !

Chow for now - G

Finne said on 1 August 2009

Hi thereI

I hope you are ok.  Pills may only ever be a part-answer or even no answer - people are different.

It sounds like you are raring -to-go with the psychotherapeutic approach, and it's an awful shame there's none available - presumably you don't have finances to go private - some therapists do have a sliding scale.  Have you ever tried Samaritians.when you need to talk?  I find them excellent on the whole, and if you don't, you can put the phone down.

I feel some of us have to accept a genetic or family (not necessarily genetic) predisposition to depression or, if not depression, some sorts of deprivations or sensitivities which predispose us. It can be part of accepting yourself, even your family history, and such sensitivities may have positive aspects that could help us build our self esteem and positive lives.

A diagnosis of depression is really very general -it tells us very little, we get very little real help, and  unfortunately it has the 'mental illness' stigma. Also if we ask others to tell us 'why', we may not be encouraged to discover and explore things for ourselves - no-one can know you like you do.

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