Welcome to HealthSpace

HealthSpace is a free, secure online personal health organiser. It can help you to manage your health, store important health information securely, or find out about NHS services near you.

There are a variety of features you can take advantage of and anyone living in England, aged 16 or over, with a valid email address can register for a HealthSpace account.



Health and Lifestyle

Health and Lifestyle information

Manage your health and lifestyle by keeping track of information like your weight, blood pressure, cholesterol levels and medications.

Calendar and Address Book

Calendar and Address Book

Use the calendar to keep track of appointments and events, or the address book to store your NHS contacts like your GP, dentist or local pharmacy.

Summary Care Record

Summary Care Record

Your Summary Care Record (SCR) contains important information taken from the electronic medical records that the NHS holds for you. The information could help people treating you, particularly in an emergency.

Summary Care Records are being rolled out across England in a phased way. You may have received information from the NHS locally about the Summary Care Record, or will do so in the future. If you choose to have a Summary Care Record, you can view it from HealthSpace.

For more information about the Summary Care Record, visit the NHS Care Records Service website.

Register for a HealthSpace account.

Choose and Book

Choose and Book your hospital appointment using the online Choose and Book service. You do not need to register for a HealthSpace account to use Choose and Book.

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