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Introducing Myself

by Orange Squeeky on 16 July 2010

Hi, this is my first time posting, so be gentle with me!

I have Bipolar, but I avoid mental health professionals as much as possible.  However, I have a wonderful GP who has stood by my side for many years.  I find that those who work in mental health all the time, become so emersed in their subject that they can't see how wrong they are sometimes.  For example, if I told one of them I was happy they would immediately assume that I was "high" or "manic"and suggest drastic measures like changing meds.  My consultant psychiatrist said that my 6-year-old son had "obsessive compulsive disorder" because he liked collecting shells and stones on the beach!!  Bloody fool!  He also told me that he did not like Catholics.  Thank God he has retired (on a fat pension).

I am very happy today (happy not high!) because my book of poetry is now available at Amazon and direct from my publisher (Chipmunka) or from me.  If you would like a copy please leave a message on this post and I will let you know the details.  Many of the poems are about mental health so you might find them interesting. I am hoping that the book will cause a bit of a stir among mental health professionals.

In the past I have been sectioned whilst in hospital. and the only advice I would give about that is to stay away from psychiatric units if you possibly can.  They pump you full of drugs so that it makes their job easier, not for your benefit.  They forcibly inject you with drugs and they do not even have the decency to tell you what they are injecting you with.  I still do not know what I was given.  I have witnessed many acts of cruelty on the part of nursing staff, and unfortunately these are the things that stay with you for years afterwards, much more so than memories of nurses being kind. 

Well I will close now and look forward to your comments.







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eleni valentine said on 4 August 2010

i know exactly the feeling.

where anything even remotely happy is attributed to being high and something to be medicated.

i also know about being forced to take drugs you have no idea about because it makes someone elses life easier.

nice to hear from you x

Piggles said on 23 August 2010

Hi Orange Squeeky!

I would love to read your poems - could you message me the details?  That would be lovely. :D



Pippa1988 said on 9 September 2010


I'm really interested about your poems. Would you be able to send me the details?


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