Steve Field live online today

Steve FieldSteve Field, chair of the Future Forum, will be appearing live on the Guardian’s NHS Reform blog from 1pm today.

You can share your opinions and questions live on the blog. Steve will be joined by renowned oncologist and Future Forum member David Kerr and they will both be online for an hour.

>> Read and participate in the blog
>> Get involved with the listening exercise

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One Response to Steve Field live online today

  1. rrokuku says:

    Please please look at all the wise comments on the ‘Listening exercise’ blog and from all around the country and TAKE ACTION accordingly. Show us you can really listen – actions speak louder than words. We need to be given confidence that what is said is not going in one ear and straight out of the other. Please show us results. You need to demonstrate that we can trust you. How will you do this?

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