Future Forum chair encourages involvement

Professor Steve Field, chair of the NHS Future Forum, is urging organisations and people throughout health and social care to get involved with the listening exercise.

In a letter to stakeholders, Professor Field says the Forum is aware of the need to listen to frontline staff, patients and the public and is working on local and regional events to do so.

He also encourages groups to organise an event for their staff and public where possible to find out their thoughts, or to use existing events such as LINk meetings.

‘Inevitably, there is a degree of cynicism about what we are doing, but I would urge you to get involved, have your say and make a contribution,’ said Professor Field. ‘This is a complex exercise involving thousands of different perspectives. Only by bringing them together can we make our case to Government.’

>> Download Professor Steve Field’s letter (PDF 65K)

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4 Responses to Future Forum chair encourages involvement

  1. Francesco Palma says:

    Please do not expect the public/patients and carers to drop what they are doing to attend a local/regional event with just a moment notice.
    Having sight of dates,venues and timings a couple of weeks before hand would be reasonable along with paying of reasonable travelling expenses for those on a low income/ in receipt of benefits, these should be offered.
    Any dates available yet for the South West region please.

    • Francesco Palma says:

      The NHS Future Forum is a group of clinicians, patient representatives voluntary sector
      representatives and others from the health field, including frontline staff, that will oversee the
      NHS listening exercise.

      Whis is what you state, Thus my question to you Where are the patient representatives and who are they representing, my view is that this future forum does not in actual fact oversee the NHS Listening excercise instead it slots in to pre arranged DOH led eventing management.

  2. Ted Winfield says:

    There has been, since Margaret Thatcher an a-priori assumption that private is better than public and that competition must necessarily bring about improvement and drive down prices. I reject such a notion, service given by choice for the benefit of others, I assert, is far superior to any competition or profit driven motive. In Hampshire the county will be divided into several GP commissioning areas effectively restoring the position prior to the Hampshire P.C.T. The bureaucracy will of necessity multiply! It must be an a-priori assumption that any company employed by the NHS will wish to make a profit, a profit which can only come from the funds provided to supply the service. The agenda, ultimately, can only be to privatise the NHS initially, at least, by stealth. This process was started by New Labour when GP’s were encouraged to commission services. Let us, by all means make every effort to improve the quality of delivery by returning services back into the NHS and encouraging service to the public not a profit motive.

  3. Michael Vidal says:

    With all due respect to Professor Field most of the people who feel most passionately about Health and Social Care have been waiting patiently for dates for listening exercise events. Most of these organisations do not have the money or time to put on events. If the forum truely wants to find out what people think they should put on events specifically for this purpose not piggy back on other events.

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