Kathy McLean: How to involve specialists and other questions

Dr Kathy McLeanI know some of you are keen for me to provide answers to your comments and questions. At the moment, the key thing for me to be doing is listening and gathering as many views as possible. Your contributions are really helpful in allowing me to ask different questions when I am in listening events or with individuals. I will try and pick out some of the themes you are raising, but rest assured I do look at all of them closely and we are collecting them as we go along.

I am getting a clear message that clinical specialists and multiprofessional specialists should be involved in commissioning. I would like to hear your ideas about how that can best be done. I know that for example Sanjeet has indicated that clinicians are very busy and this is an additional role, which is an important one. How might we solve this?

Rod points out that involving secondary care clinicians in pathway redesign seems obvious. I have also heard a warning to avoid ‘tokenism’. I am interested to understand what model would be the best for the delivery of improved care and outcomes for patients. All ideas welcome.

Jessica’s point about midwives could be made about a number of clinical pathways. What would you like to see in place to achieve the aims?

Nicola makes a good point about AHPs and the need to work across boundaries outside of health. I am sure there will be examples of where this has been working well which we could use as a pattern to recommend. If you know of any examples that would be great.

Now that we are past the holiday weekend I hope to continue posting here regularly and look forward to reading your comments.

Dr Kathy McLean

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  1. I think you should listen properly , not listen then please yourself. To much government involvement is what is happening. Do not just listen to these so called experts the people who are on the ground floor are the ones that are not being taken into consideration I am one . I am a full time carer and very fed up .

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