Patients take part in first listening exercise

Deputy Prime Minister Nick CleggMore than 30 patients met Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, Care Services Minister Paul Burstow and Future Forum Chair Steve Field at the first listening event for patients, held this morning.

During a 45 minute meeting patients from the area around Chelsea and Westminster Hospital in London raised a wide variety of issues and spoke frankly about their concerns and questions around modernisation of health and social care.

Questions included:

  • how will personal health budgets impact on local services?
  • why is sharing health records with other hospitals so difficult?
  • will the services with less demand but a higher cost be the first to be cut?
  • how will the needs of all types of health and social care user be represented at all levels of the new system?
  • patients find it difficult to navigate the system for health and social care, so how can Government understand it?

Other comments included:

  • there hasn’t been enough consultation about proposed changes
  • GPs cannot be responsible for commissioning specialist services
  • there is a risk that patient engagement and involvement will be lost in reform

‘I’ve learnt a lot today about how the public feel about our changes to the NHS,’ said Nick Clegg. ‘I’m confident that by taking this chance to pause and really engage with staff and patients, we can ensure that we modernise the NHS to improve the health service for everyone.’

Care Services Minister Paul Burstow said: ‘The work that Professor Steve Field and the other members of the NHS Future Forum have undertaken to reflect on our plans to modernise the NHS will be invaluable in ensuring they deliver the benefits for patients we want to achieve.’

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12 Responses to Patients take part in first listening exercise

  1. Francesco Palma says:

    so the first listening event has been held, so where was this website advanced notice of the event advertised to on this website, so much for keeping us informed. While Iam at it you guys with the eyes to the content of responses are a little too selective about what will be published. You have had hundreds of comments but no responses so to speak of from forum members, anyone listening?

    • web editor says:

      Final details of events are still being confirmed and we will publish them as soon as we can, but it’s not always possible to give advance notice of every one.

      Regarding publishing comments, we publish all comments so long as they are in line with our moderation policy. We will be featuring more responses from Future Forum members as the listening exercise progresses, such as these by Kathy McLean.


    • Francesca

      I was at first meeting with Nick Clegg, and in defence of DH it was ONLY for patients of Chelsea and Westminster Hospital. Apparently there are going to be 100 such consultations around the country, so presumably get in touch with your local hospital or PCT and ask them when a Minister is visiting.

      And if you want to know how to ask questions (after our experience) go to

    • chinny says:

      what or you trying to say francesco

  2. LINk in Cornwall Host Organisation says:

    Hi There,

    I work for a host organisation for a Local Involvement Network and have been checking this site for details of the listening events that are yet to be announced.

    Often in the South West events are not held within reasonable travelling distance of Cornwall so prior notice is really helpful in ensuring that we can get representation and this county’s voices involved.

    Looking forward to hearing about when, where and who is coming to the South West.

    Thank you.

  3. Francesco Palma says:

    Vertie, Many thaks and hope you enjoyed the day and got the answers to your questions.

    Message to DH future forum web master/Editor

    I would be grateful to see on this website all open and closed events with dates/times and venues so that it is possible to get involved in the discussion beyond the web, remember at present only 60% of the population has access to the web/Email address.
    Again I would stress the value of the forum Patient Representative to blog/comment on their take/involvement having read the other comments on this I know that I am not alone with this request as PPI representation is lacking in numbers so what we have is a top down approach.

  4. John Pantall says:

    The reference to reflecting the needs of users of health and social care at all levels of the system is very important. Commissioning groups must involve health and social care professionals,as well as drawing on the experience of patient groups, local Link (Healthwatch) and elected members. As one of the latter I pick up a continuous flow of patient and user experiences – in hospitals and in the community, from young and old. To-day was no exception I talked with a professional who’d had a three week surgical stay in our local hospital and shared a conversation with a parent whose son now 24 had considerable difficulties in securing services after 18. The new arrangements must capture these.

    May I have one whinge please ! I emphasise consolidation, integration and improvement of health and social care services.This provides a clearer focus than some “reforming” and “modernising” language beloved of Ministers.

  5. alan cleary says:

    I believe this is an exemplary consultation exercise by the Deputy Prime Minister and his colleagues. They are to be warmly congratulated for so skilfully creating an immediate atmosphere for everyone to participate in discussion. The available time was spent productively. Patients unused to expressing their opinions publicly were strongly encouraged to do so. A lot of valuable commonsense views emerged in contrast to much of the debate we so often find in more rigid and formalised meetings.

  6. Tim Ellis says:

    I asked on behalf of frontline healthcare workers , Mssrs Cameron, Clefgg and Lansley for detaails of these events 3 weeks ago.

    So far nothing…..nada. In spite of repeated (3) email, which were recieved.

    I fear there is no intention to ask the views of those working in the NHS or using it.

    Its all spin and PR.

    They need to remember they will be judged on how they treat the NHS and its patients.

    So far its a “very poorly and no improvement”.

  7. rosemary whitbread says:

    Sally Brearley seems to be the only patient representative I could find on the list. How do we contact her? I want to put this information up on the Patient group notice board in my surgery. I also want to know who she is, how she is representaticve of patients,who close her and why is there only one representative-for the whole country!!
    I also want to know whether there are any listening exercises planned for the south-west-we often get forgotten as we are ‘out-on-a -limb’.
    I can see that Francesca Palma is asking for exactly that on this website. Without this information, about who is representing the ‘patient’ and how we get to speak to anybody, this listening exercise is mere window dressing.
    Why is the National Association of Patient Participation groups not on this listening forum? They have the ear of more patients than any other body and they are not a governement funded body-is that why they have been left out?

    • tom wilkins says:

      I would also like to know who my patient representative is/ will be, and on what grounds they have been chosen to represent me as a patient please.
      This listening exercise must be transparent.

  8. D Ward says:

    Please can the DH confirm the dates and venues of the upcoming listening events (for reference, I am interested in events in the South West particularly, but expect people all over the country would like to know).

    I note from a press release issued by DH on 27 April that “So far, over 119 listening exercise events have been organised, with more planned” – however I cannot find a list of events anywhere.

    If this is a genuine exercise to listen to what the public, patients and staff think then everyone they should have the opportunity to go to an event, rather than just a select few who are invited.

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