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Introducing Teezy

by Teezy on 19 September 2008

Good evening friends.

Teezy is my user name (a shortened form of Teezy Weezy). Nothing at all to do with the word tease. I am a married woman, who is 49 years young. My children are young adults now, a girl of 24 years and a boy of 21 years.

I would like to make an impact here and now, by sharing a poem I once did (when the Muse was upon me).


No concentration

No energy

No motivation

No appetite

No self-esteem

No mood stability

No libido


No confidence

No direction

No curiosity

No enthusiasm

No effort

No creativity

No strength

No stamina

No exercise

No awakening


No spark

No light

No colour

No passion

No peace

No joy

No hope

No spirit


Bye Folks 


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Wonkylegs said on 22 September 2008

HI Teazy,

What a really powerful piece. It really resonated with me as I read it. I can remember feeling all that you have written, at some time in my journey with depression.

helenlp said on 28 September 2008

Wonderful poem Teazy. Says it all so simply but so powerfully!

Katykat said on 24 November 2008

Yep!  That just about covers it Teazy!

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