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04/27/2011Traveller vaccinations WHO
04/25/2011Malaria cases up almost 30 per cent in two years as it’s revealed most cases haven’t taken antimalaria tabletsHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
04/20/2011Hand gels no substitute for handwashing on farm visitsHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
04/20/2011TB screening 'missing most cases'BBC News
04/20/2011Extension of mandatory surveillance to E.coli bloodstream infections, June 2011Department of Health (DH)
04/20/2011Public Health EnglandDepartment of Health (DH)
04/18/2011Hepatitis B antenatal screening and newborn immunisation programme: Best practice guidanceDepartment of Health (DH)
04/17/2011Landmark agreement improves global preparedness for influenza pandemicsWHO
04/15/2011Clean Safe Care website has now moved to a new addressDepartment of Health (DH)
04/14/2011Tick Lyme disease off your holiday listHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
04/14/2011Summary of key publications 2010 (ECDC)ECDC
04/12/2011Global Handwashing Day issue of Soapbox - focus on GHD 2010The Global Public-Private Partnership for handwashing with soap
04/07/2011World Health Day – 7 April 2011WHO
04/07/2011Combat drug resistance: no action today means no cure tomorrowWHO
04/07/2011Europe 'losing' superbugs battleBBC News
04/07/2011The revised version of HTM 07-01 Safe Management of Healthcare Waste published Department of Health (DH)
04/05/2011Health protection 2011 conference - programme announcedHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
04/01/2011Link between public health microbiology and epidemiology necessary to tackle vaccine-preventable diseases in Europe ECDC
04/01/2011Society name changeHospital Infection Society
03/29/201138 patients in Swansea area at risk of CJD after surgeryBBC News
03/29/2011State of care 2009/10Care Quality Commission
03/28/2011Patient Safety First - the campaign review National Patient Safety Agency
03/24/2011World TB DayHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
03/23/2011UK-acquired HIV nearly doubles in ten yearsHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
03/22/2011UK influenza pandemic preparedness strategy 2011: strategy for consultationDepartment of Health (DH)
03/21/2011New - Healthcare Associated Infections (HCAI) Diagnostic Review Tool Department of Health (DH)
03/18/2011New ECDC and WHO joint report on TB: concern about multi drug-resistance and childhood TB ECDC
03/17/2011Public Health EnglandDepartment of Health (DH)
03/17/2011Diagnostic testing for Clostridium difficile infectionDepartment of Health (DH)
03/16/2011HPV home tests 'could boost cervical screening uptake' Netdoctor
03/16/2011300% increase in Hep B prison vaccine helps to drive down infection rates in injecting drug usersHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
03/16/2011Haiti cholera 'far worse than expected', experts fearBBC News
03/16/2011JCVI advice on pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccination programmeDepartment of Health (DH)
03/16/2011Efficient Use of Vaccines Department of Health (DH)
03/14/2011Safeguarding Adults: The role of health servicesDepartment of Health (DH)
03/14/2011HPA statement on fish spa pedicuresHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
03/14/2011Vaccination programmes essential to successful infectious disease control ECDC
03/14/2011Preparation and Assurance for 2011/12 Seasonal Influenza Immunisation ProgrammeDepartment of Health (DH)
03/11/2011Influenza Season 2010/11 – Use of Antiviral Medicines Department of Health (DH)
03/10/2011WHO stocks medical supplies at Tunisia-Libya borderWHO
03/09/2011HIS Spring Meeting 2011Hospital Infection Society
03/08/2011Celebrations and challenges on International Women's DayWHO
03/08/2011Epidemic Intelligence eTutorial: a tool to learn more about the detection and assessment of public health threats ECDC
03/07/2011UK Government Boosts Funding For UNICEF To Improve Children's Health And EducationMedical News Today
03/04/2011Baby dies after infection scare at maternity unitBBC News
03/04/2011The hand hygiene observational audit tool has been revised and is now available for consultation (Comments by 21 March 2011)Health Protection Surveillance Centre (HPSC) Ireland
03/03/2011Medical Device Alert: Alcohol skin preparation pads, swabs, and swabsticks manufactured by Triad Group Inc for H&W cv since 2007 (MDA/2011/023)MHRA
03/02/2011Influenza virus characterisation, summary Europe, March 2011 ECDC
03/01/2011Avian Influenza News 2011Health Protection Agency (HPA)
03/01/2011Safe management of healthcare waste - 2nd editionDepartment of Health (DH)
02/26/2011Doctors offered meningitis 'red flag' adviceBBC News
02/23/2011National standards for MRSA screeningHealth Protection Scotland
02/23/2011NHS Scotland MRSA Screening Pathfinder Programme Publication of Results Health Protection Scotland
02/22/2011NHS still missing safety alerts - despite progressBBC News
02/21/2011Child flu vaccine warning for GPs after mistakes madeBBC News
02/17/2011Improved reporting shows wider prevalence of PVLHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
02/16/2011Infection risks during the lambing seasonHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
02/16/2011HealthWatchCare Quality Commission
02/16/2011Seasonal Influenza Vaccine Uptake among Frontline Healthcare Workers Data Collection 2010/11 Department of Health (DH)
02/15/2011Launch of Global Patient Safety Alerts WHO
02/14/2011Introduction of new-generation pneumococcal vaccine will help save livesWHO
02/12/2011Flu pandemic measures can start late, researchers sayBBC News
02/11/2011Medical Device Alert - Alco-Prep® alcohol skin preparation pads, swabs and swabsticks MHRA
02/10/2011Weekly influenza media statement, 10 February 2011Health Protection Agency (HPA)
02/10/2011Diarrhoea and vomiting in children under 5: understanding NICE guidance (Update)National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE)
02/07/2011Study Shows First Clear Benefits Of HPV Vaccine For BoysMedical News Today
02/07/2011Outcome competences for practitioners in infection prevention and controlThe Infection Prevention Society (IPS)
02/07/2011New opportunities to improve local healthDepartment of Health (DH)
02/04/2011Weekly influenza surveillance overview February 04, 2011 - Week 4 ECDC
02/03/2011Blood test for vCJD 'could identify carriers'BBC News
02/02/2011New network to help development of health and wellbeing boardsDepartment of Health (DH)
01/31/2011New HPA guidance on tackling emerging antibiotic resistanceHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
01/28/2011New excellence scheme for adult social careCare Quality Commission
01/28/2011Fish pedicure safety in questionBBC News
01/27/2011Annual HPV vaccine coverage in England in 2009/2010Department of Health (DH)
01/27/2011APIC Leads Effort To Eliminate Bloodstream InfectionsMedical News Today
01/26/2011New online resource launched to help GPs and nurses care for migrant patientsHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
01/25/2011Influenza progresses in Europe: there is still time to take preventive measures against it ECDC
01/25/2011Yellow fever in Côte d'IvoireWHO
01/24/2011Pneumonia vaccine 'to save thousands of lives'BBC News
01/19/2011Malaria risk warning to last-minute holidaymakersBBC News
01/19/2011Health and Social Care Bill 2011Department of Health (DH)
01/19/2011Ministers seek to answer critics as NHS bill publishedBBC News
01/18/2011Breaks from HIV therapy still associated with poorer outcomes 8 years later British HIV Association (BHIVA)
01/17/2011WHO Director-General calls for changeWHO
01/14/2011Research highlights traveller's diarrhoea 'hotspots'Health Protection Agency (HPA)
01/12/2011Urgent action essential to protect malaria therapies says WHOWHO
01/11/2011Godstone Farm admits E. coli outbreak liabilityBBC News
01/11/2011Swine flu offers 'extraordinary super immunity'BBC News
01/11/2011Chlamydia and ectopic pregnancy linkedBBC News
01/10/2011Review of the support available to individuals infected with Hepatitis C and/or HIV by NHS supplied blood transfusions or blood products and their dependantsDepartment of Health (DH)
01/09/2011Impact Of Flu Vaccine Opt-Out Is Being Seen As A(H1N1) Returns To EuropeMedical News Today
01/07/2011Seasonal influenza vaccine uptake and vaccine supplyDepartment of Health (DH)
01/06/2011Extension of mandatory surveillance to Meticillin Sensitive Staphylococcus Aureus (MSSA) and updated healthcare associated infections clinical guidance (HCAI Compendium)Department of Health (DH)
01/06/2011Weekly influenza report, 6 January 2011Health Protection Agency (HPA)
01/05/2011Immunisations at 12 and 13 months of ageDepartment of Health (DH)
01/05/2011Yellow fever outbreak in Uganda ECDC
01/04/2011Back-to-school flu surge expectedBBC News
01/03/2011Increasing Flu Admissions Adding To Pressure On Southampton's HospitalsMedical News Today
01/01/2011Central Sterilising Club - Newsletter Jan 2011 Central Sterilising Club
12/31/20102010 in review: key health issuesWHO
12/30/2010Flu deaths continue to increaseBBC News
12/30/2010JCVI statement on seasonal influenza vaccination as of 30 December 2010 Department of Health (DH)
12/29/2010GPs report flu cases rose again last weekBBC News
12/28/2010Flu vaccine policy for children defendedBBC News
12/27/2010Uganda yellow fever outbreak kills more than 40BBC News
12/24/2010Immunisation against infectious disease 2006 - The Green Book: Chapter 19 Infuenza updatedDepartment of Health (DH)
12/24/2010Seasonal flu vaccine for pregnant womenDepartment of Health (DH)
12/24/2010Typical Q & As received on influenza vaccination and antiviral prophylaxis Health Protection Agency (HPA)
12/23/20102010/11 Seasonal Influenza: supply and availability of antiviralsDepartment of Health (DH)
12/23/2010Winter flu death toll reaches 27 - some anxiety about the number of infections, particularly among the young. BBC News
12/22/2010Seasonal Flu 2010/11 in prisons and other closed institutions within the criminal justice system in EnglandDepartment of Health (DH)
12/22/2010GPs report flu cases have doubled in one weekBBC News
12/22/2010Start of the influenza season 2010-11 ECDC
12/21/2010Healthy lives, healthy people: consultation on the funding and commissioning routes for public healthDepartment of Health (DH)
12/21/2010Care regulator finds Mid Yorkshire Hospitals in breach of regulations Care Quality Commission
12/21/2010Over 300 people in intensive care with fluBBC News
12/21/20102010/11 seasonal influenza: prescription of antivirals - letter from the CMODepartment of Health (DH)
12/20/2010BMA Appeals To Government To Step Up The Flu Public Awareness Campaign, UKMedical News Today
12/20/2010Hospital criticised over hygieneBBC News
12/20/2010ME, or chronic fatigue syndrome, 'not caused by the XMRV virus', say researchersBBC News
12/16/2010Weekly national influenza reportHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
12/16/2010Containing antimicrobial resistance: a renewed effortWHO
12/16/2010Get vaccinated against flu virus this winter, warns HPABBC News
12/15/2010Seasonal flu vaccine uptake letter from Professor David SalisburyDepartment of Health (DH)
12/15/2010Cancer patients are at an almost five-fold increased risk of developing listeriaHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
12/14/2010NHS and social services tested to the limit, say MPsBBC News
12/14/2010The Health and Social Care Act 2008: Code of Practice on the prevention and control of infections and related guidanceDepartment of Health (DH)
12/14/2010Treatment guidelines for patients with influenza 2010/2011Department of Health (DH)
12/14/2010Research highlights traveller's diarrhoea 'hotspots'Health Protection Agency (HPA)
12/13/2010EFA 2010/012 Toffeln Qwirki's 800 Crocs Style Clogs sold as personal protective equipment (PPE)Department of Health (DH)
12/13/2010Antiviral drugs for seasonal flu approved as HPA urges at-risk groups to get vaccinatedHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
12/13/2010The TSE guidance has been updated Department of Health (DH)
12/10/2010Influenza Season 2010/11 - Use of AntiviralsDepartment of Health (DH)
12/10/2010Low-income nations are at higher risk for health care-associated infections WHO
12/09/2010HPA warns of increasing norovirus activityHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
12/09/2010Launch of Winterwatch.Department of Health (DH)
12/08/2010WHO endorses new rapid tuberculosis testWHO
12/06/2010Flu Vaccines For Children May Reduce Illness In Children And Adults, CostsMedical News Today
12/03/2010Chefs and consumers urged to thoroughly cook chicken liversHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
12/01/2010ECDC releases HIV testing guidance and 2009 figures on HIV/AIDS in Europe ECDC
12/01/2010World Aids Day AIDSmap
12/01/2010Time to test for HIV: Expanded healthcare and community HIV testing in EnglandHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
11/30/2010Healthy lives, healthy people: our strategy for public health in EnglandDepartment of Health (DH)
11/30/2010Human rights – a central concern for the global HIV responseWHO
11/29/2010New meningitis vaccine will save thousands of lives in AfricaHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
11/26/2010More than a quarter of people with HIV in the UK are 'undiagnosed'Health Protection Agency (HPA)
11/23/2010For HIV-Positive Patients, Delayed Treatment A Costly DecisionMedical News Today
11/22/2010Ask The Experts On World Aids Day - What Does The Future Hold For AIDS?Medical News Today
11/22/2010This World Aids Day, Demand National Leadership On HIVMedical News Today
11/22/2010WHO to launch cheap meningitis vaccine in AfricaReuters
11/19/2010Uptake of the seasonal influenza vaccineDepartment of Health (DH)
11/18/2010Simplification to the Routine Childhood Immunisation schedule. Department of Health (DH)
11/16/2010Multidrug-resistant bacteria remain a public health issue in Europe ECDC
11/15/2010Progressing towards TB elimination–special report released ECDC
11/15/2010Annual Epidemiological Report on Communicable Diseases in Europe 2010 ECDC
11/12/2010Salmonella Bareilly outbreak continuesHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
11/11/2010Launch of the WHO Global Tuberculosis Control Report 2010WHO
11/08/2010Patient Safety Week 2010 (15 -21 November)National Patient Safety Agency
11/04/2010New cases of TB reach highest level for 30 years as drug resistant TB doubles in the last decadeHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
11/01/2010Shooting up: Infections among injecting drug users in the UK 2009. An update: November 2010Health Protection Agency (HPA)
11/01/2010Child swine flu deaths analysed NHS Choices
10/29/2010ECDC launches ‘Spotlight: Influenza’ - a theme site about seasonal influenza ECDC
10/28/2010Pandemic H1N1 fluDepartment of Health (DH)
10/27/2010Antibiotic awareness campaign materials 2010Department of Health (DH)
10/27/2010Cholera in HaitiWHO
10/26/2010New polio vaccine more effective in reducing diseaseBBC News
10/26/2010Millions of children to be vaccinated against polio WHO
10/25/2010Cholera outbreak in Haiti 'stabilising'BBC News
10/21/2010New strain of swine flu emerges - reportReuters
10/21/2010Prevention and control of blood-borne virus infection addendum: guidelines for dialysis away from baseDepartment of Health (DH)
10/20/2010Public health minister opens new state-of-the-art influenza and stem cell centre Health Protection Agency (HPA)
10/19/2010Dengue Cases In Western Pacific Doubled In Last 10 Years; WHO Says Disease Needs Higher ProfileMedical News Today
10/19/2010Achieving the health-related MDGs. It takes a workforce!WHO
10/18/2010HPA study helps in understanding cause of encephalitisHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
10/18/2010NHS Launches Choice and Information RevolutionDepartment of Health (DH)
10/15/2010Avoiding the 'yuk' factor on Global Handwashing DayHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
10/15/2010Dirt and bullies lead children to avoid school toilets, a survey findsBBC News
10/14/2010WHO: control of neglected tropical diseases is feasibleWHO
10/14/2010Reform of Department of Health Public BodiesDepartment of Health (DH)
10/13/2010New action plan lays the foundation for tuberculosis eliminationWHO
10/13/2010Some fever scanners work, U.S. study findsReuters
10/08/2010ME patients face UK ban on donating bloodBBC News
10/07/2010Molecule structure offers clue to HIV and cancer treatmentsBBC News
10/06/2010October - flu season and HPA flu surveillance beginsHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
10/04/2010Study results are consistent with earlier estimates of vCJD prion prevalence in BritainHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
10/04/2010New Permanent Secretary for Department of HealthDepartment of Health (DH)
10/02/2010Virus breakthrough raises hope over ending common coldBBC News
10/01/2010Essence of Care 2010Department of Health (DH)
10/01/2010What to expect after vaccinationsDepartment of Health (DH)
10/01/2010New bid to halt polio in AngolaBBC News
10/01/2010A new system of regulationCare Quality Commission
10/01/2010Medical Online Learning Package - Hand Hygiene Australia Hand Hygiene Australia
09/30/2010Don't underestimate seasonal fluDepartment of Health (DH)
09/30/2010Chair of Care Quality Commission confirmedDepartment of Health (DH)
09/30/2010HPA reminds travellers to the Commonwealth Games in Delhi of the risk of dengue feverHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
09/30/2010‘Spotlight: Surveillance’ focuses on ECDC’s comprehensive disease surveillance for Europe ECDC
09/30/2010Pregnant women to be offered seasonal flu jabBBC News
09/29/201034 care homes and eight care agencies shut down ahead of tough new registration system, says Care Quality CommissionCare Quality Commission
09/29/2010Investigation indicates a bean sprout link with Salmonella casesHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
09/28/2010Delays in deliveries of seasonal influenza vaccine 2010Department of Health (DH)
09/28/2010More developing countries show universal access to HIV/AIDS services is possibleWHO
09/26/2010City life 'boosts bug resistance'BBC News
09/24/2010Wild mushroom warning to autumn foragersHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
09/24/2010HPA response to today’s news about the government’s plans for quangosHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
09/24/2010Rabid Vampire Bats Kill Five Children In PeruMedical News Today
09/23/2010Immunization Is Key To Achieving Child Survival GoalsMedical News Today
09/23/2010Preparations for winter planning and reporting 2010/11Department of Health (DH)
09/22/2010Hepatitis B and C: ways to promote and offer testing - draft scopeNational Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE)
09/21/2010Seagulls 'may be spreading superbugs'BBC News
09/21/2010Salmonella Bareilly cases under investigationHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
09/17/2010HPA investigates a national outbreak of salmonellaHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
09/17/2010Sub-Sahara Africa leads global decline in new HIV casesBBC News
09/15/2010Scientists reveal new immunotherapy treatment option for C.DifficileHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
09/15/2010HPA dishes the dirt on dish clothsHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
09/14/2010HPA experts develop tool for early meningitis diagnosisHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
09/14/2010Assessments of quality in 2010/11Care Quality Commission
09/14/2010Tool 'may help' early meningitis diagnosisBBC News
09/13/2010Seasonal flu campaign information 2010Department of Health (DH)
09/13/2010Sexual Health Week 13–19 September 2010 – The Middle-age Spread (STIs in the over 50s)Health Protection Agency (HPA)
09/09/2010Efficient Use of VaccinesDepartment of Health (DH)
09/09/2010Second death linked to Legionnaires' disease outbreakBBC News
09/08/2010Healthcare-Associated Infections and Antimicrobial Resistance: 2009/10Health Protection Agency (HPA)
09/08/2010Technical document: Conducting health communication activities on MMR vaccination ECDC
09/08/2010Legionnaires' probe focus on south Wales industry sitesBBC News
09/03/2010West Nile virus transmission in Europe ECDC
09/01/2010XIX Commonwealth Games in Delhi, India – advice for travellersNational Travel Health Network and Centre (NaTHNaC)
08/31/2010Death of Injecting Drug User in LeicestershireHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
08/31/2010A report on the management of diarrhoea in care homesHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
08/30/2010Superbug hit baby ward at University College HospitalBBC News
08/27/2010Water sources and potential for infection from taps and sinksDepartment of Health (DH)
08/26/2010West Nile virus outbreak in Greece ECDC
08/25/2010Sexually transmitted infections reach almost half a millionHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
08/24/2010Government Urges Universal Flu Vaccinations (USA)Medical News Today
08/23/2010Poor funding threat to war on superbugsThe Scotsman
08/22/2010US scientists' trial brings them 'closer to Ebola drug'BBC News
08/20/2010Hillingdon ops ban over kit contaminated with fleshBBC News
08/19/2010The information on the Immunisation website has movedDepartment of Health (DH)
08/19/2010Equality and human rights consultation launched todayCare Quality Commission
08/19/2010Health of millions at risk from Pakistan floodsWHO
08/19/2010U.S. tries to fix slow response to outbreaksReuters
08/18/2010Predictive blood test for TB 'a step closer'BBC News
08/18/2010FSA advice on scombrotoxic fish poisoning Health Protection Scotland
08/17/2010Epidemiological update on NDM-1 “superbug” threat ECDC
08/16/2010Systematic review and evidence-based guidance on organisation of hospital infection control programmes - Invitation to tenderECDC
08/11/2010New 'superbug' found in UK hospitalsBBC News
08/11/2010Malaria: it’s not all in the starsDepartment of Health (DH)
08/10/2010H1N1 in post-pandemic periodWHO
08/10/2010Interim Director of Health Protection Services appointedHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
08/09/2010Gene link to meningitis infectionBBC News
08/09/2010New Anti-Viral Drug Shows Promise For Dramatic Improvement In Hepatitis C TreatmentMedical News Today
08/09/2010Rubella surveillance first quarterly report 2010 published ECDC
08/09/2010Review of future of Dr Foster IntelligenceDepartment of Health (DH)
08/05/2010Pregnant women from ethnic backgrounds at higher risk from listeria food poisoningHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
08/03/2010Success in vaccination programme for preventing hepatitis BHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
08/03/2010WHO responds to health needs in Pakistan floodsWHO
08/02/2010WHO Expert: Faster MDR-TB Test Should Be Made Available To Vulnerable PopulationsMedical News Today
08/01/2010Malaria: Information for people travelling overseasHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
08/01/2010Update on National Standard Methods British Infection Association
07/30/2010Horn of Africa: free of polio for one year WHO
07/28/2010Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Vaccine Uptake, Supply and Wastage Surveys 2010/2011Department of Health (DH)
07/28/2010Risk of febrile convulsions in children aged under five years and seasonal influenza vaccines marketed by Pfizer Vaccines (Enzira® and CSL Biotherapies generic influenza vaccine)Department of Health (DH)
07/27/2010Health in Wales website replaces HOWIS internet siteNational Public Health Service for Wales
07/26/2010Liberating the NHS: Report of the arms-length bodies review.Department of Health (DH)
07/26/2010HPA response to arm's-length bodies reviewHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
07/23/2010Measles outbreaks in Gypsy and Traveller communitiesDepartment of Health (DH)
07/21/2010HIV infection up 60% in over 50sHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
07/20/2010Dublin Declaration: Summary of the Progress Report ECDC
07/20/2010Food Standards Agency 'will remain' government promisesBBC News
07/19/2010Transparency in outcomes - a framework for the NHSDepartment of Health (DH)
07/19/2010More than five million people receiving HIV treatmentWHO
07/19/2010Early HIV treatment will save lives and money, WHO saysBBC News
07/16/2010MRSA and C. difficile infections fall by a thirdHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
07/16/2010World Cup fans' HIV risk warningBBC News
07/14/2010Study confirms vaccine could prevent more cases of cervical cancers than previously expectedHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
07/14/2010Strategies for disease-specific programmes 2010-2013 ECDC
07/13/2010Public Health Recommendations During H1N1 Pandemic Adopted By Less Than 5 Percent Of PopulationMedical News Today
07/13/2010NHS to undergo radical reformsNational Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE)
07/13/2010NHS to adopt zero tolerance approach to pressure ulcersNational Patient Safety Agency
07/13/2010Equity and Excellence: Liberating the NHS - Managing the Transition and TimelineDepartment of Health (DH)
07/12/2010Equity and excellence: Liberating the NHSDepartment of Health (DH)
07/07/2010ECDC Director attends ministerial meeting - preparation for future health security crises ECDC
07/07/2010New ruling ensures safer food WHO
07/07/2010Health Secretary sets out future of public healthDepartment of Health (DH)
07/06/2010Measles outbreak in FranceDepartment of Health (DH)
07/06/2010Malaria kills more than a million people a year and is second only to tuberculosis in its impact on world health. BBC News
07/06/2010HPA advice on malaria preventionHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
07/04/2010Swine flu drug hand-out service raises concernsBBC News
07/01/2010Lessons learned from the H1N1 (swine flu) pandemicDepartment of Health (DH)
07/01/2010Swine flu vaccine contracts "lacked get out clauses"BBC News
07/01/2010New goals to replace NHS targetsBBC News
07/01/2010Polio outbreak in Tajikistan: advice for travellers and cliniciansDepartment of Health (DH)
06/30/2010Expert consultation on healthcare-associated infection prevention and control ECDC
06/29/2010MRSA - Information for patients (New leaflet published)Health Protection Agency (HPA)
06/29/2010Reduce Antibiotics For Animal Growth Urges FDAMedical News Today
06/25/2010Revised edition of the 'Yellow Book' publishedHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
06/23/2010The management of bacterial meningitis and meningococcal septicaemia in children and young people younger than 16 years in primary and secondary care National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE)
06/21/2010Global travel spreads Chagas outside of Latin America (American trypanosomiasis)WHO
06/19/2010Economic crisis 'must not disrupt vaccine programme'BBC News
06/17/2010Global polio eradication initiative launches 2010-2012 strategic plan for interrupting polio worldwide WHO
06/15/2010Petting farms 'need to do more to protect visitors'BBC News
06/15/2010What went wrong at Godstone Farm?BBC News
06/14/2010World Blood Donor Day: new blood for the worldWHO
06/13/2010Windscreen water infection riskBBC News
06/11/2010Systems previously installed are more effective during crisis: Influenza experts conclude ECDC
06/10/2010Pressure ulcer productivity calculatorDepartment of Health (DH)
06/10/2010Food Safety Week 7th -13th June Food Standards Agency (FSA)
06/10/2010Medical Device Alert: Hepatitis C virus total antibody kit manufactured by Abbott GmbH & Co. KG and distributed in the UK by Abbott Diagnostics (MDA/2010/048)MHRA
06/09/2010Public inquiry into scandal-hit Stafford HospitalBBC News
06/09/2010Surgical Safety Checklist for Cataract Surgery publishedNational Patient Safety Agency
06/08/2010Hospitals to face financial penalties for readmissionsBBC News
06/07/2010Weekly publication of Hospital data on MRSA bacteraemias and C. Difficile infectionsDepartment of Health (DH)
06/07/2010HPA urges fans to give infections the red card during the world cupHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
06/07/2010Consultation on revised enforcement document Care Quality Commission
06/03/2010Scotland's NHS could see thousands of posts goBBC News
06/02/2010Weekly infections statistics gives power to patientsDepartment of Health (DH)
05/28/2010The influenza immunisation programme 2010/11Department of Health (DH)
05/28/2010CQC and HMIP call for improvements in healthcare for adults in the prison systemCare Quality Commission
05/26/2010Publication of National Hand Hygiene NHS Campaign Compliance with Hand Hygiene - Audit Report Health Protection Scotland
05/26/2010Hospitals warned on vagina swabsBBC News
05/25/2010ECDC threat assessment: Hand, foot and mouth disease (HFMD) in Asia ECDC
05/25/2010Assessment of the HPA in the Containment phase of the 2009 PandemicHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
05/24/2010ECDC Risk Assessment on Q fever ECDC
05/20/2010Ministerial portfolios confirmedDepartment of Health (DH)
05/20/2010HPA Weekly National Influenza Report Health Protection Agency (HPA)
05/20/2010WHO faces questions over swine flu policyBBC News
05/20/2010Genetics of body germs revealed BBC News
05/19/2010World Hepatitis Day - successes achieved, challenges ahead ECDC
05/19/2010Important changes to CQC’s assessment of adult social care servicesCare Quality Commission
05/19/2010Inpatient survey results publishedCare Quality Commission
05/18/2010Anthrax outbreak among drug users in UK and Germany - update 18 May 2010 ECDC
05/17/201063rd World Health Assembly opens WHO
05/17/2010WHO marks 30th anniversary of smallpox eradication WHO
05/14/2010Interim Chief Medical Officer AppointedDepartment of Health (DH)
05/14/2010Latest Hepatitis C figures show year on year increaseHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
05/13/2010New Health Secretary appointedDepartment of Health (DH)
05/12/2010People from Africa continue to bear the burden of malariaHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
05/11/2010Global Epidemiology: Influenza ECDC
05/07/2010Meningitis C vaccine 'wears off in early teens' BBC News
05/06/2010Syphilis cases rise sharply in China BBC News
05/06/2010New clue to fighting dengue fever BBC News
05/05/2010Be tick aware when visiting the great outdoorsHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
04/29/2010Eurosurveillance publishes special issue on measles ECDC
04/28/2010Dr Marc Sprenger appointed to lead ECDC ECDC
04/26/2010European Immunisation Week – A reminder of the benefits of vaccination ECDC
04/16/2010Epidemiological update: Anthrax outbreak among drug users in UK and GermanyECDC
04/15/2010Eurobarometer on antimicrobial resistance highlights areas for action ECDC
04/14/20102010 FIFA World Cup and the ongoing measles outbreak in South Africa ECDC
04/12/2010WHO admits shortcomings in handling flu pandemicReuters
04/09/2010Almost 40% of Europeans are aware of the issue of overuse of antibiotics, says a survey ECDC
04/08/2010Chlamydia test after every new partner call BBC News
04/01/2010H1N1 (2009) swine influenza: update and further actions on social care resilienceDepartment of Health (DH)
04/01/2010All NHS trusts now registered with CQCCare Quality Commission
03/31/2010MRSA screening - operational guidance 3Department of Health (DH)
03/31/2010Pandemic H1N1 (2009): update and resilience actions for NHS BoardsDepartment of Health (DH)
03/31/2010Top hospitals 'censured in tough new inspection regime' BBC News
03/31/2010Staffordshire hospital battles resistant superbug BBC News
03/30/2010Sex infection gonorrhoea 'becoming drug-resistant' BBC News
03/30/2010Meningitis vaccine gives travellers immunity BBC News
03/29/2010C. difficile methodologyDepartment of Health (DH)
03/29/2010HIV patients 'need drug lifeline' BBC News
03/29/2010Winter vomiting bug still at 'unusually high level' BBC News
03/26/2010Uniforms and workwear: Guidance on uniform and workwear policies for NHS employersDepartment of Health (DH)
03/26/2010Consultation on: The Health and Social Care Act 2008 Code of Practice for healthcare, including primary care, and adult social care on the prevention and control of infections and related guidanceDepartment of Health (DH)
03/25/2010Judicial review on tainted blood BBC News
03/25/2010WHO says investigating smallpox reports in UgandaReuters
03/25/2010Health Protection Legislation (England) Guidance 2010Department of Health (DH)
03/24/2010In pictures: World TB Day BBC News
03/24/2010Craig David joins the global fight against TB WHO
03/24/2010NHS places reporting and learning from patient safety incidents at top of its agenda - WalesNational Patient Safety Agency
03/24/2010NHS places reporting and learning from patient safety incidents at top of its agenda - EnglandNational Patient Safety Agency
03/23/2010Good practice reminder on open farmsHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
03/19/2010MRSA and C. difficile quarterly updateHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
03/19/2010First wave of NHS trusts registered under new system for monitoring standardsCare Quality Commission
03/19/2010One in five child deaths due to infection BBC News
03/19/2010Global acupuncture infections 'under-diagnosed' BBC News
03/18/2010Joint ECDC/WHO report on tuberculosis surveillance in Europe in 2008 published ECDC
03/18/2010Pandemic H1N1 Vaccine Uptake Figures for England by SHA and PCTDepartment of Health (DH)
03/18/2010Drug-resistant tuberculosis now at record levelsWHO
03/18/2010Pandemic H1N1 (2009) swine flu vaccines for travel useDepartment of Health (DH)
03/17/2010Hospitals urged to scrap ban on sitting on beds BBC News
03/17/2010Guidance for the 2010/11 Human papillomavirus vaccination programmeDepartment of Health (DH)
03/17/2010Ambulance trusts make infection prevention and control a top priority Care Quality Commission
03/16/2010Cases of tuberculosis continue to increaseHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
03/15/2010Access to safe drinking water improving; sanitation needs greater effortsWHO
03/11/2010Vaccinating Children For Flu May Help Prevent Transmission, Protect Those Who Are Not VaccinatedMedical News Today
03/11/2010Dentists Ask For Review Of Decontamination In Practices In ScotlandMedical News Today
03/10/2010NHS Design Champions Newsletter, Issue 1 March 2010Department of Health (DH)
03/10/2010ECDC participates in the Fifth Ministerial Conference on Environment and Health (10–12 March) ECDC
03/10/2010Why don't we vaccinate against chickenpox? BBC News
03/09/2010Improving malaria diagnosis and treatment WHO
03/09/2010Rhondda Cynon Taf community's TB screening begins BBC News
03/08/2010Spot-checks reveal mistakes when hospitals self-certify BBC News
03/08/2010International Women's Day call for labour deaths action BBC News
03/08/2010Measles (update) in Republic of Irelandfitfortravel
03/08/2010ECDC Forward look risk assessment for the 2009 pandemic influenza A(H1N1) and future influenza season ECDC
03/08/2010CQC comment on Panorama programmeCare Quality Commission
03/07/2010Cambodia drug-resistant malaria stirs health fearsReuters
03/05/2010Biggest swine flu regret for U.S.: vaccine chaosReuters
03/04/2010Sir Liam Donaldson becomes new Chairman of National Patient Safety AgencyNational Patient Safety Agency
03/03/2010World Water Day (22nd March 2010) WHO
03/03/2010Foodborne illness costs $152 bln annually: studyReuters
03/03/2010UN warns HIV/Aids leading cause of death in women BBC News
03/03/2010The HPA porton down released guidance on the lab diagnosis of Anthrax (version2) Health Protection Agency (HPA)
03/02/2010£1.3m plan to reduce hepatitis in WalesNational Public Health Service for Wales
03/01/2010Second anthrax case confirmed in LondonHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
03/01/2010Millennium Development Goals being 'missed' due to narrow disease focusLondon School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine
02/24/2010Pandemic Hybrid Of Bird And Human Seasonal Flu Possible Say ScientistsMedical News Today
02/23/2010ECDC, member in global initiative on Introducing New Approaches and Tools for Tuberculosis Control ECDC
02/23/2010'Lame' mosquitoes to stop dengue BBC News
02/21/2010Anti-retrovirals could halt Aids spread in five years BBC News
02/18/2010Pandemic H1N1 (2009) influenza vaccination programme (Letter)Department of Health (DH)
02/18/2010Update on the influenza vaccination programme Department of Health (DH)
02/18/2010Scientists raise fresh hopes for fridge-free vaccines BBC News
02/18/2010New WHO influenza vaccine recommendations for use in the 2010-11 influenza season in the northern hemisphere WHO
02/16/2010NHS trusts 'not complying with safety alerts' BBC News
02/15/2010Neonatal services urged to follow new gentamicin safety guidanceNational Patient Safety Agency
02/12/2010Anthrax outbreak among drug users in Scotland and Germany ECDC
02/10/2010North West: Anthrax case confirmed by HPA in BlackpoolHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
02/09/2010Introduction of Prevenar 13 into the Childhood Immunisation ProgrammeDepartment of Health (DH)
02/05/2010Anthrax alert for heroin users in LondonHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
02/05/2010Infection risks during the lambing seasonHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
02/05/2010Swine flu vaccine continues to provide vital protection says Chief Medical OfficerDepartment of Health (DH)
02/02/2010'Extraordinary resources' needed to tackle C. diff BBC News
02/02/2010Update to 'Guidance from the ACDP TSE Working Group' Annexe A1, F & J)Department of Health (DH)
02/02/2010Care Quality Commission: Consultation on our assessments of quality 2010-11Care Quality Commission
02/01/2010Study Investigates Who Is Most Likely To Take Precautions During A PandemicMedical News Today
01/31/2010Shingles vaccine hope for elderly BBC News
01/29/2010News from HIS EGM held on 29 January 2010Hospital Infection Society
01/27/2010A (H1N1) Swine Influenza: Current situation and next stepsDepartment of Health (DH)
01/26/2010WHO defends its swine flu warning BBC News
01/25/2010Public health risk assessment and interventions: Earthquake - HaitiWHO
01/25/2010First European reference laboratory network for tuberculosis launched ECDC
01/22/2010Public strongly advised it is still important to have the Swine Flu jabDepartment of Health (DH)
01/21/2010MRSA superbug strain 'tracked' via genome BBC News
01/19/2010Health Protection Agency welcomes addition of new pneumococcal vaccine to childhood immunisation programmeHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
01/19/2010HPV test 'can cut cervical cancer deaths' say experts BBC News
01/18/2010Politicians urged to tackle public health BBC News
01/16/2010Public health risk assessment and interventions - Earthquake: HaitiWHO
01/14/2010Swine flu briefings scrapped as case numbers plunge BBC News
01/13/2010WHO spearheads health response to Haiti earthquake WHO
01/12/2010Matching Michigan - patient safety project National Patient Safety Agency
01/12/2010MRSA 'spread by patients moving between hospitals' BBC News
01/12/2010WHO to review its handling of H1N1 flu pandemicReuters
01/08/2010Publication of "Pandemic influenza: summary infection control guidance for ambulance services during an influenza pandemic" and "Pandemic (H1N1) influenza:  a summary of guidance for infection control in healthcare settings"Department of Health (DH)
01/06/2010China fights growing problem of tuberculosisReuters
01/06/2010'Anthrax heroin' cases spreadingBBC News
01/06/2010Care home staff - a one-stop resource for care home staffMHRA
01/06/2010Medical Device Alert: All types of bed mattresses (MDA/2010/002)MHRA
01/04/2010US lifts HIV/Aids immigration ban BBC News
01/04/2010THT Launches LearningPlus - A New Service To Help People With HIV In England Become Experts In Their ConditionMedical News Today
01/03/2010France sells off surplus swine flu vaccine BBC News
01/03/2010China says H1N1 flu spreading into the countrysideReuters
01/02/2010Three children die with suspected meningitis in SuffolkHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
12/31/2009Children more likely to catch swine flu, study suggests BBC News
12/28/20092009 in review: key health issuesWHO
12/23/2009Improvements at Basildon and Thurrock University Hospital NHS Foundation TrustCare Quality Commission
12/22/2009Romania's abandoned HIV babies, 20 years on BBC News
12/21/2009H1N1 Cases Still Increasing In Many Countries; WHO To Begin Shipping Donated Vaccines Within WeeksMedical News Today
12/21/2009WHO Sponsors Event At Copenhagen Conference To Highlight Climate Change Effect On Public HealthMedical News Today
12/21/2009Slums, climate change and human health in sub-Saharan AfricaWHO
12/20/200910 facts on children's environmental healthWHO
12/18/2009Anthrax found in Glasgow heroin users BBC News
12/17/2009The King's Fund Responds To The NHS Operating Framework 2010/11, UKMedical News Today
12/17/2009Fall in swine flu cases continues BBC News
12/16/2009Three Studies On H1N1 Vaccine Effectiveness And Safety Report That One Dose Is Needed For Adults And Two For ChildrenMedical News Today
12/15/2009New MRSA Objective Reflects NHS Zero Tolerance Approach To Infections, UKMedical News Today
12/15/2009Malaria progress shows development aid for health works WHO
12/15/2009Swine flu vaccination: information for parents of children over six months and under five years oldDepartment of Health (DH)
12/15/2009Afghanistan first in world to use new vaccine against polioWHO
12/14/2009Kiss A Frog? Veterinarians Say "No."Medical News Today
12/14/2009Norovirus outbreak reporting scheme - interim report Hospital Infection Society
12/14/2009A pioneering patient safety initiative coming to a hospital near you soonNational Patient Safety Agency
12/11/2009MRSA Objective for 2010-11Department of Health (DH)
12/11/2009Increase in hepattis C diagnoses for 2008Health Protection Agency (HPA)
12/10/2009New initiative to prevent ‘next global pandemic’ Government News Network
12/10/2009Swine flu less lethal than feared BBC News
12/09/2009Scrap tests 'to boost HIV care' BBC News
12/08/2009A (H1N1) swine flu influenza: phase two of the vaccination programme; children over 6 months and under 5 yearsDepartment of Health (DH)
12/08/200936 million people with TB curedWHO
12/07/2009Too Early To Declare End Of H1N1 Pandemic, WHO SaysMedical News Today
12/04/2009'Double trouble' antibiotic hope BBC News
12/04/2009Beyond the Pandemic - Global meeting in London looks ahead in public healthDepartment of Health (DH)
12/04/2009MMWR 2009 H1N1 Vaccine Safety SummaryCenters for Disease Control and Prevention
12/03/2009MRSA and C. difficile continue to fallHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
12/03/2009New infections of swine flu 'on the way down' BBC News
12/03/2009Global measles deaths drop by 78% WHO
12/02/2009TB figures continue to increaseHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
12/02/2009Advice from the H1N1 Critical Care Clinical GroupDepartment of Health (DH)
12/02/2009Oseltamivir resistance in immunocompromised hospital patients WHO
12/01/2009South Africa vows to treat all babies with HIV BBC News
12/01/2009ECDC publishes report on ‘HIV/AIDS surveillance in Europe in 2008’ ECDC
11/30/2009The World Health Organization changes HIV 'drug advice' BBC News
11/29/2009Twelve hospital trusts 'underperforming', report claims BBC News
11/27/2009Revised guidelines for ready-to-eat foodsHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
11/27/2009A third of HIV patients diagnosed lateHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
11/27/2009E. coli O157 associated with travel to Benidorm in SpainHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
11/27/2009UK HIV cases 'higher than ever' BBC News
11/27/2009Over-the counter eye drops raise drug resistance fears BBC News
11/27/2009Children: reducing mortalityWHO
11/27/2009The swine flu vaccines, their preparation and administration: a practical guide for health professionalsDepartment of Health (DH)
11/26/2009Doctors 'need to speed up swine flu vaccinations' BBC News
11/25/2009Amid The Flu Epidemic, Don't Forget RSV In Young ChildrenMedical News Today
11/25/2009ECDC seminars marks World AIDS Day (1st Dec 2009): Break the silenceECDC
11/24/2009More children 'than expected have had swine flu'BBC News
11/24/2009New HIV infections reduced by 17% over the past eight yearsWHO
11/23/200910 years of meningitis C vaccine: outstanding health protection measure of the past decadeHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
11/23/2009Exercise peak practice: national summaryDepartment of Health (DH)
11/20/2009HPA - Advice for the public and healthcare professionals on the effects of floodingHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
11/20/2009Pandemic influenza: ECDC experts say situation in Bulgaria not unusual ECDC
11/20/2009HPA statement on possible transmission Health Protection Agency (HPA)
11/20/2009HPA statement on possible transmission Health Protection Agency (HPA)
11/20/2009Wales - a world leader in healthcare improvementWelsh Assembly Government
11/20/2009Public health significance of virus mutation detected in NorwayWHO
11/19/2009Young children to be offered swine flu vaccination BBC News
11/19/2009Safety of pandemic vaccinesWHO
11/18/2009European antibiotic awareness dayECDC
11/18/2009Many 'have doubts over flu jab' BBC News
11/17/2009Yellow fever vaccination campaign to startWHO
11/12/2009Weekly international summary - the latest information published by the World Health Organization (WHO), European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), and countrys' official public health institutes about the global influenza A H1N1v pandemic. Health Protection Agency (HPA)
11/12/2009Swine flu cases drop in England BBC News
11/12/2009Clinical management of human infection with pandemic (H1N1) 2009: revised guidanceWHO
11/11/2009The role of healthcare students (England) in pandemic flu - excluding medical studentsDepartment of Health (DH)
11/09/2009Getting ready for registrationCare Quality Commission
11/09/2009GPs 'must cut use of antibiotics' BBC News
11/09/2009Survey of the information and guidance on the Swine Flu/Pandemic (H1N1) 2009 Influenza on the Health Protection Agency websiteHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
11/06/2009Weekly international summary about the global influenza A H1N1v pandemic Health Protection Agency (HPA)
11/05/2009ECDC welcomes EU/US transatlantic taskforce on antibiotic resistance ECDC
11/05/2009Young 'must have swine flu jab' BBC News
11/02/2009Reducing child deaths from pneumoniaWHO
11/02/2009Interim NHS registration fees consultationCare Quality Commission
11/01/2009Hospitals 'feel swine flu strain' BBC News
10/30/2009Experts advise WHO on pandemic vaccines WHO
10/30/2009Max4Health hand hygiene evaluation reportDepartment of Health (DH)
10/29/2009'Further rise' in swine flu cases BBC News
10/29/2009Post row 'will not halt flu jabs' BBC News
10/28/2009Information for health and social care worker staff who are pregnant or in other at-risk groupsDepartment of Health (DH)
10/28/2009Clinical Professionals Brief on Swine Flu VaccinationDepartment of Health (DH)
10/27/2009Tackling global health risks prevents premature deathsWHO
10/23/2009Antiviral prescribing guidance updatedHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
10/22/2009A (H1N1) Swine Influenza:  Additional planning guidance and winter management and reporting for 2009/10Department of Health (DH)
10/22/2009Information materials to support the swine flu vaccination programmeDepartment of Health (DH)
10/22/2009NHS told to brace itself over flu BBC News
10/21/2009Swine flu vaccination under way BBC News
10/19/2009Government’s response to report sees patient safety at top of NHS agendaNational Patient Safety Agency
10/19/2009Early MRSA discharges called for BBC News
10/17/2009US swine flu vaccines 'delayed' BBC News
10/16/2009Clinical features of severe cases of pandemic influenza:Briefing note 13 publishedWHO
10/15/2009Watchdog vows to get tough on NHS BBC News
10/15/2009Guidance on the use of prophylaxis with antiviral medicines during the H1N1 (swine flu) pandemicDepartment of Health (DH)
10/15/2009Swine flu jabs starting next week BBC News
10/15/2009The H1N1 swine flu vaccination programme 2009-2010Department of Health (DH)
10/15/2009A (H1N1) swine influenza: social care worker vaccination programme updateDepartment of Health (DH)
10/14/2009Reducing childhood deaths from diarrhoeaWHO
10/14/2009Study explains immunity to H1N1 in older peopleReuters
10/12/2009Poorer nations get swine flu jabs BBC News
10/12/2009ECDC publishes the Annual Epidemiological Report 2009 ECDC
10/10/2009Guidance on sickness certification in response to the swine flu pandemicDepartment of Health (DH)
10/08/2009Doubts raised over MRSA screeningBBC News
10/08/2009'Lucky break' in swine flu fight BBC News
10/08/2009How to order swine flu vaccine and collect vaccine uptake dataDepartment of Health (DH)
10/06/2009Swine flu clinical package publishedDepartment of Health (DH)
10/06/2009WHO says H1N1 vaccine safe, urges mass take-upReuters
10/01/2009Swine flu 'could still shoot up' BBC News
09/30/2009The H1N1 swine flu vaccination programme 2009-2010Department of Health (DH)
09/30/2009More than four million HIV-positive people now receiving life-saving treatmentWHO
09/29/2009UK children receive swine flu jab BBC News
09/28/2009The NPSA relaunch Root Cause AnalysisNational Patient Safety Agency
09/27/2009C. diff rise due to 'gene switch' BBC News
09/25/2009UK swine flu vaccine 'approved' BBC News
09/25/2009Antiviral use and the risk of drug resistanceWHO
09/24/2009Swine flu cases continue to rise BBC News
09/24/2009Authorisation of antiviral medicines - Guidance on the use of FP10SS forms and Antiviral Authorisation Vouchers during the H1N1 (swine flu) pandemic in EnglandDepartment of Health (DH)
09/23/2009Aid deal pledges free health care BBC News
09/22/2009Special issue of Health EU newsletter on Pandemic (H1N1) ECDC
09/21/2009Better communication needed to prevent infectionsCare Quality Commission
09/21/2009Infections warning for care homes BBC News
09/21/2009Young children need 2 doses of H1N1 vaccine: U.S.Reuters
09/21/2009H1N1 vaccine production far less than forecast: WHOReuters
09/21/2009Top Cricketers Appear In The THINK WISE Campaign To Raise HIV AwarenessMedical News Today
09/18/2009Pandemic vaccine donations for the developing worldWHO
09/18/2009NPSA Chief Executive welcomes Patient Safety First WeekNational Patient Safety Agency
09/17/2009ECDC and EMEA publish joint technical report on the bacterial challenge - time to react ECDC
09/17/2009ECDC and EMEA publish joint technical report on the bacterial challenge - time to react ECDC
09/17/2009Fears swine flu 'on the way back' BBC News
09/16/2009Health Protection Agency commissions independent investigation into E. coli outbreak and apologises for delaysHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
09/14/2009Bed bug infestations 'increasing' BBC News
09/12/2009Investigation of cases of E.Coli 0157 at Surrey FarmHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
09/11/2009Measures in school settingsWHO
09/10/2009UK 'close' to winning flu fight BBC News
09/10/2009"Critical care strategy: managing the H1N1 flu pandemic" publishedDepartment of Health (DH)
09/04/2009Supporting fair access to pandemic (H1N1) 2009 vaccine WHO
09/04/2009New guidance on ophthalmology from the ACDP TSE Working GroupDepartment of Health (DH)
09/03/2009New online learning tool launched to help kids protect themselves from infectionsHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
09/03/2009Swine flu death estimate lowered BBC News
09/01/2009Swine flu: Back to school advice: September 2009Health Protection Agency (HPA)
09/01/2009New issue of ECDC Insight now online ECDC
09/01/2009About the European Antibiotic Awareness Day (18/11/2009)ECDC
08/28/2009New ECDC pandemic risk assessment ECDC
08/27/2009UN warns over swine flu in birds BBC News
08/26/200950 Percent Of Healthcare Workers In Hong Kong Refuse To Get The Swine Flu VaccineMedical News Today
08/24/2009Flu still spreading in U.S., CDC saysReuters
08/24/2009Fast tracked research to fight swine fluDepartment of Health (DH)
08/20/2009Pandemic flu: planning & responding to primary care capacity challengesDepartment of Health (DH)
08/19/2009Coroners 'reject plea over vCJD' BBC News
08/18/2009Second Wave Of Swine Flu Could Overwhelm Resources In Europe And North America Say Canadian ExpertsMedical News Today
08/18/2009Tamiflu shelf-life extension up to countries: WHOReuters
08/17/2009ECDC's new portal is now online ECDC
08/16/2009WHO chief urges swine flu vigilanceReuters
08/14/2009Deal 'close' over swine flu jabs BBC News
08/13/2009Swine Flu Vaccination programmeDepartment of Health (DH)
08/13/2009Consultation on the Health and Social Care Act 2008 Code of Practice for health and social care on the prevention and control of infections and related guidance; and Prevention and control of infection in care homes Department of Health (DH)
08/12/2009Swine flu pandemic advice for care providers Care Quality Commission
08/10/2009Flu drugs 'unhelpful' in children BBC News
08/10/2009Huge challenges ahead in fight against AIDS: expertsReuters
08/10/2009Swine flu jab tests for children BBC News
08/10/2009Drug-resistant bacteria may come home from hospitalReuters
08/06/2009Some measures won't help prevent flu pandemic: reportReuters
08/06/2009Swine flu vaccine 'by September' BBC News
08/06/2009Big drop in new swine flu cases BBC News
08/06/2009Chlamydia tests offered on beach BBC News
08/05/2009Are we losing the war on bugs? BBC News
08/01/2009Publication of the Revised Healthcare Cleaning ManualNational Patient Safety Agency
07/30/2009Low levels of contamination found in ready-to-eat speciality meats sold in UKHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
07/30/2009Swine flu vaccine for 'half US' BBC News
07/28/2009H1N1 Could Infect Up To 2B People Within Next Two Years, WHO SaysMedical News Today
07/27/2009Australia offers swine flu test case BBC News
07/27/2009Influenza H1N1 - Travel insurance informationfitfortravel
07/26/2009Government defends flu response BBC News
07/24/2009Gonorrhoea down as herpes rises BBC News
07/24/2009Continued high and widespread pandemic influenza activity inthe UK (England), especially among children. Sporadic activity in some other countriesECDC
07/23/2009Swine flu: how the numbers add up BBC News
07/23/2009Launch of National Pandemic Flu serviceDepartment of Health (DH)
07/22/2009World response to swine flu crisis BBC News
07/22/2009Human flu jab trials 'under way' BBC News
07/21/2009Call to close schools to curb flu BBC News
07/21/2009Global swine flu deaths top 700 BBC News
07/21/2009Elimination of river blindness feasibleWHO
07/21/2009ECDC publishes first reports in the Migrant Health series ECDC
07/21/2009NHS 'facing huge flu challenge' BBC News
07/20/2009Pandemic flu service to go live BBC News
07/20/2009Has swine flu been handled well?BBC News
07/20/2009Managing schools during the current pandemic (H1N1) 2009 – Reactive and proactive school closures in Europe ECDC
07/20/2009ECDC situation report on influenza A(H1N1)v ECDC
07/19/2009Swine flu pregnancy tips reissued BBC News
07/16/2009Swine flu: UK planning assumptionsDepartment of Health (DH)
07/16/2009Weekly pandemic flu updateHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
07/16/2009New guidance from the Advisory Committee on Dangerous pathogens TSE Working Group (Annex J - Assessment to be carried out before surgery and/or endoscopy)Department of Health (DH)
07/14/2009H1N1 Pandemic Flu Virus More Virulent Than Previously ThoughtMedical News Today
07/13/2009GP and child with swine flu die BBC News
07/13/2009Transcript of virtual press conference (13 July 2009)WHO
07/08/2009Health protection regulations: a consultationDepartment of Health (DH)
07/07/2009The Department of Health has appointed Roy Taylor as the new National Director for Social Care Flu Resilience, Care Services Minister Phil Hope announced today. Department of Health (DH)
07/06/2009More than 30 new food safety standards adoptedWHO
07/03/2009Pregnancy and swine fluHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
07/03/2009WHO warns swine flu 'unstoppable' BBC News
07/02/2009Treatment approach announced for pandemic fluHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
07/02/2009Swine flu vaccine made in Europe BBC News
07/01/2009Salmonella and E. coli bacteria found in packets of shelled nutsHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
06/30/2009Swine Flu Sample Resistant to Antiviral OseltamivirHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
06/30/2009ECDC issues Chlamydia control Guidance ECDC
06/29/2009Appeals procedure for apportioning of MRSA bacteraemiasDepartment of Health (DH)
06/27/2009US passes million swine flu cases BBC News
06/25/2009Surge of flu cases 'on the way' BBC News
06/23/2009CQC publishes plans on how it will assess health and social care in 2009/10Care Quality Commission
06/23/2009UK swine flu cases approach 3,000 BBC News
06/21/2009MRSA risk from dog and cat bites BBC News
06/18/2009Regulator sends early warning to NHS trusts to tackle problem areas before new registration systemCare Quality Commission
06/17/2009Guide to public health measures to reduce the impact of influenza pandemics in Europe – ‘The ECDC Menu’ ECDC
06/16/2009Swine flu clinical package publishedDepartment of Health (DH)
06/12/2009Reducing Healthcare Associated Infections in Hospitals in England (NAO Report)National Audit office (NAO)
06/12/2009World Health Organization pandemic flu alert level: Secretary of State's statement to the House of Commons, 12 June 2009Department of Health (DH)
06/11/2009A new Objective for MRSA: National Quality Board stakeholder engagementDepartment of Health (DH)
06/11/2009World now at the start of 2009 influenza pandemicWHO
06/11/2009Pandemic alert level 6: sustained community transmission of influenza A(H1N1)v virus in two different WHO regions Eurosurveillance
06/10/2009Australia flu 'may tip pandemic' BBC News
06/09/2009Transcript of virtual press conference with World Health Organization (9 June 2009)WHO
06/07/2009Gonorrhoea drug resistance fears BBC News
06/05/2009WHO recommends anti-diarrhoea jab BBC News
06/02/2009Pandemic 'getting closer' says WHOBBC News
06/02/2009Read the transcript of the of virtual press conference (2 June 2009) press briefing World Health OrganizationWHO
06/01/2009Help shape the regulation of health and adult social care services Care Quality Commission
05/29/2009Malaria parasites 'resist drugs' BBC News
05/29/2009Pregnancy, Breastfeeding and Swine Flu  A/H1N1Department of Health (DH)
05/29/2009Low seasonal influenza activity but substantial human infections with the influenza A(H1N1)v virus have now been reported in the European regionECDC
05/28/2009Health Protection Agency produces swine flu vaccine candidateHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
05/27/2009Australia swine flu cases double BBC News
05/27/2009HIV drugs 'could stop virus spread' BBC News
05/27/2009Pneumonia Caused By Community-Acquired MRSA: An Emerging And Deadly Threat, Usually Preceded By FluMedical News Today
05/22/2009Latest research into prevalence of vCJD consistent with findings of existing studiesHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
05/22/2009World Health Assembly closes with resolutions on public healthWHO
05/20/2009NHS reflects on delivery of key priorities Department of Health (DH)
05/20/2009Planning a trip outdoors when the weather warms up?Health Protection Agency (HPA)
05/20/2009Warning over new threat from MRSA BBC News
05/19/2009UN, WHO heads meet vaccine manufacturersWHO
05/19/2009HIV's spread around Europe mapped BBC News
05/15/2009Agreements secured for pre-pandemic vaccine for the UK Department of Health (DH)
05/15/2009Seven swine flu cases confirmed BBC News
05/13/2009More patients say hospital wards and bathrooms are clean, finds major surveyCare Quality Commission
05/12/2009Swine flu could hit one in three BBC News
05/12/2009Children sanitation alert issued BBC News
05/12/2009Pandemic influenza: supplementary information for third sector organisationsDepartment of Health (DH)
05/11/2009Swine flu found on China mainland BBC News
05/11/2009Pre-Epidemic Clinical Features Of Triple-Reassortant Swine Flu CasesMedical News Today
05/09/2009Infection killing cancer children BBC News
05/08/2009First step towards Swine Flu vaccine prototype achieved Department of Health (DH)
05/08/2009Health Protection Agency leads work on gaining greater understanding of Swine flu virusHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
05/07/2009Advice on Exclusion from Schools and Workplaces Health Protection Agency (HPA)
05/04/2009Swine flu cases spread across US BBC News
05/04/2009ECDC situation report on outbreak of influenza A(H1N1) ECDC
05/03/2009Update on confirmed swine flu cases Health Protection Agency (HPA)
05/01/2009New website section on swine fluDepartment of Health (DH)
05/01/2009Pandemic flu: managing demand and capacity in health care organisations (surge)Department of Health (DH)
05/01/2009EU warns against swine flu panic BBC News
04/30/2009WHO's Director-General raises the current level of influenza pandemic alert from phase 4 to 5. WHO
04/30/2009Important information about swine fluDepartment of Health (DH)
04/30/2009Joint FAO/WHO/OIE Statement on influenza A(H1N1) and the safety of porkWHO
04/29/2009Swine flu cases confirmed in EnglandHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
04/29/2009Information for the media on face masks - updatedHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
04/29/2009Learning resources for schools and children Health Protection Agency (HPA)
04/28/2009WHO raises pandemic alert level to Phase 4Health Protection Agency (HPA)
04/27/2009World moves to contain flu spread BBC News
04/27/2009Swine influenza A(H1N1) ECDC
04/27/2009Swine influenza WHO
04/25/2009Meningitis cases hit record low Department of Health (DH)
04/25/2009Reports of swine influenza in Mexico and US - an updateHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
04/24/2009Reports of swine influenza in Mexico and USHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
04/24/2009Suspected human-to-human transmission of swine flu in the US linked to outbreak of respiratory diseases in Mexico ECDC
04/22/2009Travellers to Nigeria and Ghana continue to bear burden of malariaHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
04/21/2009European Immunization Week 2009 ECDC
04/21/2009ECDC tackles West Nile Fever ECDC
04/20/2009Malaria is fought in son's memory BBC News
04/16/2009Clostridium difficile infections continue to fallHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
04/16/2009"The microbial threat to patient safety in Europe" ECDC
04/15/2009Two new patient information leaflets on 'MRSA Screening - what to expect' and 'MRSA Screening - What if I am positive'Department of Health (DH)
04/09/2009Decontamination in primary care dental practices (new edition of Health Technical Memorandum 01-05)Department of Health (DH)
04/09/2009Care homes conference confronts the infection control challengeHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
04/09/2009Early 2009 sees continued rise in mumpsHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
04/07/2009Tycoon helps pneumonia research BBC News
04/07/2009World Health Day: focus on making hospitals safe in emergencies WHO
04/06/2009Droplet Precautions Policy now updated Health Protection Scotland
04/03/2009New care regulator commends NHS progress on infection controlCare Quality Commission
04/02/2009Health ministers to accelerate efforts against drug-resistant TBWHO
04/01/2009New regulation for health and adult social care providers Department of Health (DH)
04/01/2009National Institute for Biological Standards and Control joins Health Protection AgencyHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
04/01/2009Restructured food, water and environmental laboratories will boost the Health Protection Agency’s ability to tackle emerging threatsHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
03/27/2009New HIV diagnoses show burden continuing in gay menHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
03/26/2009The Advisory Committee on Dangerous Pathogens’ TSE Working Group: new guidance Hospital Infection Society
03/25/2009NHS staff survey reveals improvements for NHS staff Department of Health (DH)
03/24/2009Cases of Tuberculosis remain highHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
03/24/2009HIV-TB 'double trouble' warning BBC News
03/24/2009World Tuberculosis Day 2009 ECDC
03/24/2009HIV-related TB deaths higher than past estimatesWHO
03/20/2009Maggot therapy hope 'premature' BBC News
03/19/2009MRSA Bloodstream infections continue to fallHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
03/17/2009UV light 'could curb TB spread' BBC News
03/13/2009Scientific advances - Seasonal and pandemic influenza – Trials and Tribulations ECDC
03/11/2009Health impact of climate change needs attentionWHO
03/09/2009National Hand Hygiene NHS Campaign Compliance with Hand Hygiene - Audit Report Health Protection Scotland
03/06/2009Influenza Season 2008/09 - Use of AntiviralsDepartment of Health (DH)
03/05/2009Bacteria found in salads and sauces served at kebab takeaway restaurantsHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
03/05/2009First Report on Clostridium difficile PCR Ribotype Surveillance in Wales PublishedNational Public Health Service for Wales
03/04/2009Health Technical Memorandum 01-01 Decontamination of reusable medical devices Parts B, C and D (Consultation)Department of Health (DH)
03/04/2009New Chairman Appointed to Health Protection Agency BoardHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
03/03/2009Calls For Compulsory Flu Jabs For NHS StaffMedical News Today
03/01/20092009 edition of 'International Travel and Health' published by WHOWHO
02/27/2009Old drug combination in TB fight BBC News
02/26/2009Avian Influenza in poultry on premises in East of EnglandHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
02/25/2009Salmonella and E. coli bacteria found in “ready-to-eat” seedsHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
02/25/2009Technology the next front in battle against healthcare associated infections Department of Health (DH)
02/24/2009Gujarat starts mass vaccination BBC News
02/18/2009Aids takes deadly toll in China BBC News
02/17/2009Get well soon - without antibiotics Department of Health (DH)
02/17/2009vCJD abnormal prion protein found in a patient with haemophilia at post mortemHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
02/16/2009Cowpox in Germany and France related to rodent pets ECDC
02/16/2009“One Europe, One Health” – ECDC Chairman opens IMED ECDC
02/07/2009Service User's Research Forum (SURF) - helping increase knowledge about healthcare infections Department of Health (DH)
02/06/2009Agency publishes annual measles figures for 2008Health Protection Agency (HPA)
02/06/2009Influenza activity increasing in Eastern Europe while starting to decrease in the west ECDC
02/03/2009Dengue fever outbreak in Bolivia BBC News
01/30/2009Acceleration of the HPV vaccination catch-up campaignDepartment of Health (DH)
01/29/2009Dental National Decontamination SurveyDepartment of Health (DH)
01/29/2009Pandemic flu drug stockpiles are set to double Department of Health (DH)
01/26/2009100,000 unaware they have Hep C Department of Health (DH)
01/23/2009The Health and Social Care Act 2008: Code of Practice for the NHS on the prevention and control of Healthcare associated infections and related guidanceDepartment of Health (DH)
01/23/2009Increase in Meningococcal type B infections in EnglandHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
01/21/2009Funds for polio eradication drive BBC News
01/21/2009EFSA-ECDC report on trends and sources of zoonoses in the European Union in 2007 ECDC
01/20/2009Fresh warning on China bird flu BBC News
01/19/2009Infection risks during the lambing seasonHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
01/16/2009Infection setback in prem babies BBC News
01/15/2009C. Difficile infections continue to fall Department of Health (DH)
01/14/2009Hepatitis C care 'patchy in UK' BBC News
01/12/2009Applying for Healthcare Associated Infection (HCAI) registrationCare Quality Commission
01/09/2009Continued increase in measles casesHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
01/08/2009ECDC concludes that vaccination of risk groups and healthcare workers should be further strengthened as seasonal influenza spreads across EuropeECDC
01/07/2009Doubts raised over measles targetBBC News
01/07/2009GPs flu pandemic workload warningBBC News
01/02/2009'Keep off dieting' to avoid fluBBC News
12/23/2008Flu 'heading for nine-year high'BBC News
12/22/2008High HPV vaccination coverage already achievedDepartment of Health (DH)
12/18/2008MRSA bloodstream infections continue to fallHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
12/18/2008Fears raised over new vCJD waveBBC News
12/18/2008Flu circulating in England and WalesHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
12/18/2008Plans to enhance Pathology servicesDepartment of Health (DH)
12/18/2008Care Quality Commission consults on proposals for 2009/10 assessments of health and social careHealthcare Commission
12/18/2008DVD to support infection control training programmes in care homes produced by the HPAHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
12/17/2008China cull amid bird flu outbreakBBC News
12/15/2008MRSA targets may boost other bugsBBC News
12/15/2008Independent healthcare sector signs up to cleanyourhandsNational Patient Safety Agency
12/14/2008Current situation Norovirus (December 2008)Health Protection Agency (HPA)
12/13/2008Increase in seasonal flu levels triggers use of antiviral drugsHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
12/12/2008Global Child Immunisation Is Not At The Level Of Official Country Reports, Or WHO/Unicef EstimatesMedical News Today
12/12/2008Influenza activity in Europe remains low but steadily risingECDC
12/12/2008Alan Johnson Welcomes Health Regulator's Annual ReportMedical News Today
12/11/2008New Director of Health Protection Agency’s Centre for Infections appointed Health Protection Agency (HPA)
12/10/2008Deaths from hepatitis C: a legacy of our past behaviourHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
12/08/2008Malaria 'early warning' test hopeBBC News
12/07/2008Zimbabwe 'set for cholera jump'BBC News
12/03/2008One ml of alcohol hand rub reduces MRSA by one percentBBC News
12/02/2008AIDS Communication Breakdown Means New Threat To The UKMedical News Today
12/02/2008Universal Access 'A Fantasy' As Over 50s Remain Excluded From Global AIDS ResponseMedical News Today
12/01/2008Don't Cut AIDS Support Pleads UNMedical News Today
12/01/2008Parents Of New Babies Should Be Considered For A Whooping Cough Booster, Say ExpertsMedical News Today
12/01/2008Message for World AIDS DayWHO
12/01/2008Newly reported HIV cases on the rise in EuropeECDC
12/01/2008Health professionals urged to lookout for botulism after four suspected cases in drug usersHealth Protection Surveillance Centre (HPSC) Ireland
11/28/2008Whooping cough vaccine callBBC News
11/28/2008Measles figures soarHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
11/27/2008New Insights Into The Burden Of Severe S. Pyogenes Infection Across EuropeMedical News Today
11/27/2008Health professionals still at risk of bloodborne viruses through workHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
11/26/2008Universal voluntary testing, immediate treatment can reduce HIV casesWHO
11/26/2008Cholera Zimbabwe's 'worst crisis'BBC News
11/25/2008Record numbers living with HIV in the UKHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
11/24/2008Watchdog praises NHS progress on infection control and urges trusts to maintain pressureHealthcare Commission
11/24/2008Salmonella bacteria found in "ready-to-eat" fresh herbsHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
11/23/2008Minister For Health Dawn Primarolo To Give Evidence To Lords Science Committee On Risks Of Flu Pandemic, UKMedical News Today
11/21/2008Hospital bug fine plan 'unfair'BBC News
11/21/2008Investigations following a death from anthraxHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
11/21/2008Confirmed rabies case in puppy in MalawiHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
11/21/2008Scientists Discover New Species Of Ebola VirusMedical News Today
11/21/2008Oseltamivir resistant influenza A(H1N1) virus in the UK, 2008/09Health Protection Scotland
11/21/2008Upsurge in mumps cases in 2008Health Protection Surveillance Centre (HPSC) Ireland
11/20/2008Older People Should Have The Flu Jab This Winter, Warn Experts - British Medical JournalMedical News Today
11/19/200848% Of Nurses Injured By Needles While 34% Fear Contracting HIV Or HepatitisMedical News Today
11/19/2008Avoid Hospital Visits If You Have Had Diarrhea And Vomiting Symptoms During Last 48 Hours, Say Bristol Hospitals, EnglandMedical News Today
11/19/2008The dangers lurking in the kitchenBBC News
11/19/2008Rapid care 'cuts baby's HIV risk'BBC News
11/19/2008Antimicrobial resistance in Wales 2006/7 report publishedNational Public Health Service for Wales
11/18/2008Drug-resistant ward bug concernBBC News
11/18/2008Future generation of antibiotic users to be taught the dangers of inappropriate prescribingHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
11/17/2008World Toilet Day: The Royal Society For Public Health Asks 'How Healthy Are Our Loos'?Medical News Today
11/17/2008Pupils targeted in superbug fight BBC News
11/15/2008Extensively Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis Cases Decline But Do Not DisappearMedical News Today
11/15/2008World Leaders In Infectious Diseases To Convene And Discuss Developments In Research, Prevention And TreatmentMedical News Today
11/14/2008Investigations following a death from anthraxHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
11/14/2008How Bleach Kills BacteriaBBC News
11/13/2008National CJD Surveillance Unit publishes 16th Annual Report for 2007 and scientific reportDepartment of Health (DH)
11/13/2008WHO and health partners lead massive cholera response in eastern Democratic Republic of the CongoWHO
11/12/2008Google Tracks US Flu TrendsMedical News Today
11/12/2008Records Of 1918 Spanish Flu Could Hold The Key To Solving Future PandemicsMedical News Today
11/12/2008APIC Covers Up Extent And Causes Of Deadly C. DiffMedical News Today
11/11/2008Additional Funding for Pandemic Influenza PreparednessDepartment of Health (DH)
11/11/2008Continuing HAI campaignHealth Protection Scotland
11/10/2008Countdown to European Antibiotic Awareness Day beginsECDC
11/07/2008Guidance on the diagnosis and management of PVL-associated Staphylococcus aureus infections (PVL-SA) in England (2nd Edition published)Health Protection Agency (HPA)
11/05/2008New meningitis A vaccine will save millions of lives in AfricaHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
11/04/2008Gay blood donor appeal rejectedBBC News
11/04/200842% of Africans with HIV in the UK are diagnosed lateHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
11/03/2008Investigations following a death from anthraxHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
11/02/2008Bacteria Follow The Crowd In Decision To GrowMedical News Today
11/01/2008C. diff testing 'is often wrong'BBC News
10/30/2008TB figures stabilise but remain at high level Health Protection Agency (HPA)
10/30/2008Oseltamivir resistance in seasonal influenza virus –preliminary WHO summary for the Southern Hemisphere 2008 seasonECDC
10/28/2008Flu Vaccination Investigated In PLoS MedicineMedical News Today
10/28/2008Meningitis Alert As Winter Approaches, UKMedical News Today
10/28/2008State Of The World's Health, WHO Releases The Global Burden Of Disease Study - World Health OrganizaionMedical News Today
10/28/2008Results Of United Kingdom MRSA Surveillance Program Using Cepheid GeneXpert(R) System Demonstrate Benefits Of Rapid TestingMedical News Today
10/27/2008Injecting drug users face increasing risk of bacterial infections Health Protection Agency (HPA)
10/24/2008Conference Focuses On Avian Flu ThreatMedical News Today
10/24/2008Researchers Downplay MRSA Screening As Effective Infection Control InterventionMedical News Today
10/23/2008NHS meets key commitments on waiting and progress on tackling infections Department of Health (DH)
10/23/2008Clostridium difficile infections fall significantly Health Protection Agency (HPA)
10/23/2008Enforcement policy consultation and Healthcare Associated Infection(HCAI) registration eventsHealthcare Commission
10/16/2008Vaccine 'could end Nigeria polio'BBC News
10/15/2008Northerners’ hands up to three times dirtier than those living in the SouthHygiene Central (London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine
10/15/2008Millions mark UN hand-washing dayBBC News
10/15/2008HPA welcomes global handwashing initiativeHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
10/14/2008Global Handwash Day (October 15th)Suds Poster Competition 2008Hygiene Central (London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine
10/14/2008Scientists Discover Bacteria That Can Cause Bone InfectionsMedical News Today
10/12/2008'Nanotech search' for antibioticsBBC News
10/09/2008'Vaccinate now' to beat bird fluBBC News
10/09/2008Start of “influenza season”: severity of this winter’s epidemic not yet clear but ECDC supports vaccination of risk groupsECDC
10/09/2008Influenza Vaccination - new section on the ECDC web-siteECDC
10/03/2008Health Protection Agency begins winter influenza activity reportingHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
10/02/2008New guidance launched to improve patient safety in General PracticeNational Patient Safety Agency
09/26/2008Malaria battle given $3bn boostBBC News
09/24/2008HIV rates among drug users risingBBC News
09/18/2008MRSA infections cut by more than half Department of Health (DH)
09/18/2008HIV Testing – New Guidelines call for wider testingHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
09/17/2008TB Or Not TB? - A Question Of Child Health, UKMedical News Today
09/17/2008Latest HPA modelling reveals chickenpox vaccination would lead to more shingles among elderly despite introduction of shingles vaccinationHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
09/17/2008Climate change may lead to an increase in cases of Legionnaires’ diseaseHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
09/16/2008Fears voiced over new superbugs BBC News
09/16/2008Reptile pets may pose a salmonella risk to infants in the householdHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
09/15/2008Health Protection Agency to issue guidance on blood-glucose testing after infection control breakdowns resulted in onward transmission of hepatitis BHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
09/15/2008Meningococcal Serogroup B Vaccine moves into final stages of evaluationHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
09/12/2008A Link Between Staphylococcus Infection And SIDSMedical News Today
09/12/2008CDC Steps Up Efforts To Fight Drug-Resistant GermMedical News Today
09/12/2008Rise In Infectious Heart Disease Death RatesMedical News Today
09/11/2008Eradicating an ancient scourgeBBC News
09/10/2008More Antibiotic Development Needed Warns Health Protection AgencyHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
09/08/2008Antibiotics Over-Prescribed By UK GPs Despite Resistance FearsMedical News Today
09/08/2008Potential BSE Test For Live Animals Based On Changes In UrineMedical News Today
09/08/2008Researchers Use Light In MRSA FightMedical News Today
09/08/2008African countries to introduce new meningitis vaccineWHO
09/07/2008Vein tubes 'fitted needlessly' BBC News
09/07/2008Promising Method For Reducing MRSA Infections In Hospital Intensive Care Units Revealed By University Of Virginia StudyMedical News Today
09/06/2008Human Trials Of Universal Flu Vaccine Begin At Oxford UniversityMedical News Today
09/03/2008How Salmonella Bacteria Contaminate Salad Leaves It's Not Rocket ScienceMedical News Today
09/02/2008Healthcare staff told: Clean your hands at the point of care to save livesNational Patient Safety Agency
09/01/2008Another Rise In C Difficile Deaths 'Shocking And Unnesessary', Says Help The Aged, UKMedical News Today
09/01/20089-Year Study Confirms That vCJD Can Be Transmitted Through Blood Transfusion In HumansMedical News Today
08/29/2008Breakthrough Could Help Combat SuperbugsMedical News Today
08/27/2008Scottish Environment Statistics 2008Health Protection Scotland
08/27/2008NICE/NPSA issues patient safety solution guidance to reduce the risk of pneumonia in patients on a ventilatorNational Patient Safety Agency
08/26/2008Salmonella Outbreak Ireland, the UKHealth Protection Surveillance Centre (HPSC) Ireland
08/24/2008Aggressive TB treatment 'success'BBC News
08/22/2008Guidance on the diagnosis and management of PVL-associated Staphylococcus aureus infections (PVL-SA) in England: Report prepared by the PVL sub-group of the Steering Group on Healthcare Associated InfectionDepartment of Health (DH)
08/18/2008Flu Antibodies Recovered From 1918 Pandemic SurvivorsMedical News Today
08/14/2008Hope over 'quick' bird flu testBBC News
08/14/2008Publication of healthcare acquired infection dataHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
08/12/2008New Bird Flu Strain Detected In Nigeria - FAO Calls For Increased SurveillanceMedical News Today
08/12/2008Hospitals facing superbug finesBBC News
08/11/2008New mouth bacteria species found BBC News
08/08/2008The challenges ahead for HIV careBBC News
08/07/2008National MMR catch up campaign launched Department of Health (DH)
08/07/2008Action to reduce risk of measles epidemicHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
08/05/2008Maggots could help in MRSA battleBBC News
08/05/2008WHO launches new HIV/AIDS guide to help countries reach universal accessWHO
08/04/2008Our Antibiotic "Addiction" Is Not Helping Our Children Fight Their Colds, AustraliaMedical News Today
08/04/2008Should Group B Strep Test Be Carried Out On Subsequent Pregnancies?Medical News Today
08/04/2008Human malaria jab tests nearingBBC News
08/03/2008TB hampers HIV treatment - studyBBC News
08/01/2008Flu jabs 'can't stop pneumonia'BBC News
07/31/2008ECDC report on Clostridium difficile proposes careful review of infection control measures Eurosurveillance
07/29/2008Progress made in HIV preventionBBC News
07/24/2008HIV drugs 'add 13 years of life'BBC News
07/23/2008Washing your hands really does save livesBBC News
07/22/2008Doctors 'miss early HIV symptoms'BBC News
07/22/2008Health and Social Care Act 2008 receives Royal AssentDepartment of Health (DH)
07/21/2008Fear over pandemic disease effortBBC News
07/17/2008US set to overturn HIV travel banBBC News
07/17/2008Department of Health Welcomes Record Annual Fall in MRSA and C Difficile InfectionsDepartment of Health (DH)
07/16/2008Health Protection Agency contributes to vital infection researchHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
07/15/2008Young people carry disproportionate burden of sexually transmitted infections in UKHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
07/13/2008Superbug vaccines 'within decade'BBC News
07/10/2008'New CJD type' discovered in USBBC News
07/10/2008Study shows NHS Hospitals are cleanerNational Patient Safety Agency
07/04/2008UK Travellers To Africa And Asia Continue To Ignore Health Messages About Preventing MalariaHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
07/03/2008Measles once again endemic in the United KingdomEurosurveillance
07/02/2008Health Protection Agency Hails 60 Years of NHS SuccessHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
07/02/2008Pandemic influenza: guidance on preparing mental health services in EnglandDepartment of Health (DH)
07/01/2008Wound-Cleaning Laser Proves That Bacterial Resistance Is FutileMedical News Today
06/30/2008Infections 'the biggest NHS fear'BBC News
06/30/2008Cleaning up at the awardsNational Patient Safety Agency
06/30/2008New rapid tests for drug-resistant TB for developing countriesWHO
06/30/2008NPSA to lead on new patient safety initiatives following Lord Darzi’s ReviewNational Patient Safety Agency
06/29/2008Sex diseases 'double in over-45s'BBC News
06/28/2008Bird flu 'still a major threat'BBC News
06/27/2008TB Initiatives To Be AnnouncedMedical News Today
06/26/2008HPA gives the green light to multi-million pound investment in North East laboratory servicesHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
06/26/2008Aids epidemic a 'global disaster'BBC News
06/23/2008Healthcare Commission Issues Hygiene Code Improvement Notice To Ashford And St Peter's Hospitals NHS TrustMedical News Today
06/20/2008Information on the development of Transmission Based Precautions (TBPs) is now availableHealth Protection Scotland
06/18/2008Healthcare Commission announces plans for the 2008/09 assessment of NHS trustsHealthcare Commission
06/15/2008NHS trusts 'failing on hygiene'BBC News
06/14/2008Study cracks amoeba attack tacticBBC News
06/13/2008Body piercing study provides reminder of potential health risksHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
06/12/2008Warnings over body piercing boomBBC News
06/12/2008'New superbug' concerns overhypedBBC News
06/09/2008Canada Strengthens Poultry Avian Influenza SurveillanceMedical News Today
06/06/2008Matron numbers doubled to 5,000 Department of Health (DH)
06/04/2008Confirmed H7 avian influenza in Oxfordshire poultry farmHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
06/03/2008Hospital wipes 'spreading MRSA'BBC News
06/02/2008HIV/AIDS progress painfully slowBBC News
05/29/2008Infection cot death link probedBBC News
05/28/2008Malaria parasites 'family plan'BBC News
05/28/2008Oseltamivir resistance in seasonal influenza viruses in EuropeECDC
05/23/2008Reminder on safe storage of freshly cooked sliced meatsHealth Protection Agency (HPA)
05/15/2008Meningitis B trials 'encouraging'BBC News
05/15/2008Single anti-flu drug 'not enough'BBC News
05/14/2008More patients say they receive excellent care from NHS hospitals in major national surveyHealthcare Commission
05/12/2008Medical Errors Expert To Give Keynote Address At APIC ConferenceMedical News Today
05/12/2008Death Of A Child Infected With Diphtheria In LondonMedical News Today
05/09/2008Daubenton's bat tests positive for European bat Lyssavirus type 2Health Protection Agency (HPA)
05/07/2008Experts review influenza pandemic preparedness guidanceWHO
05/06/2008Treatment 'slashes baby HIV risk'BBC News
05/05/2008China virus toll continues riseBBC News