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Long Time No Speak!

by Everybody Lies on 31 January 2010

Well, I decided to change my display name, make myself sound all deep and cool :)

Anyway, I do believe I left off where I was going to the doctors as the fluoxetine wasn't working.  Well I told the doctor that I was back to square one, if not worse and as I had tried counselling and it wasn't for me she suggested trying a different drug.  I was put onto venlafaxine which I was told would boost my confidence and enable me to tackle some unresolved issues I have been hidding from.  The doc asked if I would like a sick note for the next week as it would be difficult after a 3 day detox and going on to new medication to cope but I refused as I was starting a new job in a new department of the company on that day and it was simply not possible to go on the sick!  So I battled through like the soldier I'm trying so hard to be.  I found the detox okay, didn't really have too much effect on me other than feeling like I was having a slightly worse day than usual.  I started taking the venlafaxine exactly as directed and then it all started.  My head was all over the place.  Within the first day or two I was totally spaced out, not good when work is counting on you!  My head then became all muddled up.  I would go from being able to do anything and everything to rushing into the toilets and having to fight back the tears as well as becoming increasingly angry and frustrated at the slightest things and nothing at all.  I have been like this for nearly two weeks now, just waiting for my check up on wednesday to tell the doc that I can't take these tablets again!  When my Mam asked me what I was going to tell the doc about my experience of this new drug I burst into a rant about how I hated them and that I couldn't go on with these in my system.  My Dad commented that I had been really spaced out since I started taking them and my Mam said I had been more confident.  All I know is that venlafaxine isn't the drug for me!  I don't even know if depression is the diagnosis for me!  I tried bringing up the fact that I think I could be bipolar (long before the whole Eastenders storyline popped up! What a load of...) but it was instantly brushed aside.  I'm not sure if because I have had such a reaction to the venlafaxine that she will reconsider this as an option.  I hope so.

I am going to leave it at that, I will hopefully be able to blog more in the coming months and keep you updated.

I would also like to say thank you to anybody who has read any of the blogs I have posted and a special thank you to anyone who has left a comment, it really helps knowing others are dealling with the same issues and are a here for help.


Good night and good luck



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lolaloulou said on 6 October 2010

Hi im new to all this and im not sure i should be saying this on here but im gonna im so fed up.

Ive been on Ven for so time now and thats how i still feel after all this time, one day hey lets do it attitude, get a job, sort all this out theres not much wrong with me attitude then all of a sudden hit rock bottom, dont want to go outside, wont answer the phone,want to just sleep or shlep around in pjs all day, feeling completely useless, crying, no hope whats so ever. I mentioned about bipolar, doctor said could be borderline but because i dont go out and spend ridiculous amounts of money or have ideas of grandeur it probably wasnt!? and thats it.

Ive got a medication review on thursday but whats the point thats how i feel why bother the doctor I feel that theres something inside me and its getting bigger and stronger and i cant for the life of me explain this to the doctor when i try i feel completely stupid.

Sorry to rant on but when i saw your post it sort of reminded me of me!

Also had bad reaction rashes sickness dizziness now take a anti histamine for the rash if i forget to take these i get little blisters all over the place this is the only reaction thats stayed with me others went away after about 2 weeks.

thanks for reading

bless you


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