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A post with no name ...

by Optimist at Heart on 28 January 2010

... because I can't think of anything witty, captivating or even relevant.  Brain is barely functioning on a "normal" level at the moment.


But I am reading a couple of books about depression that I picked up from the library yesterday (yes, I DID actually go outside my front door - and even managed to speak to the librarian and shop assistants like a NORMAL person!).  The first is a Q&A thing called Depression: Your Questions Answered by Dr Melvyn Lurie; it's quite helpful in its wide-ranging and honest approach - it might even help me decide to give SSRIs another go!  (I have a deep-seated psychological issue about taking ANY medication, unless there is no alternative).  It is also helping me narrow down the various talking therapies available, to find which one would probably help me the most.

The second is "A self-help guide using Cognitive Behavioural Techniques" called Overcoming Depression by Paul Gilbert.  I haven't started reading this one yet, but I'm hoping it will help me by trying out a few techniques while I'm still waiting to hear about getting help via the NHS.

Why do depressives feel so bad about themselves?  No-one could try harder than we do to overcome our illness ...

Val x


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