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New Year

by Katykat on 5 January 2011

I wonder why it is that we all have such high expectations of a new year? Is it because 'people' tell us we should have high expectations? Who are these 'people'? Are they inhabitants of Planet Earth?

In the words of my youngest son's t shirt - 'Same s**t - different day year!'

In August and September I love Christmas! In December I hate it! As for New Year - I just hate it!  So what does this one hold in store for me? Well it will be a strange one or should I say stranger than most. 2011 is the year when I will turn 60. I almost fall off my chair laughing when I think about that. I took my first antidepressants when I was 17!! How's that for progress and self betterment?

2011 will also see yet another round of visits to some form of psychotherapist or another (this to keep other people happy I might add). I await my 'assessment' appointment with interest. What can I say that I haven't already said a thousand times before to a few dozen different folk? Ah well.  Gets me out of the house I suppose.

But wait! There's is, Goddess willing, some good news to be had in 2011! My daughter will be presenting our first grandchild to the world in March! I tell myself this everytime I fall off my perch in the hope that it will transform this weary world around me.  And who knows maybe it will. So perhaps it's time to walk up to 2011  and step bravely into its arms?

Who was it said 'The impossible we can do straight away. Miracles take a bit longer!'? Anyone got his email address?

Happy New Year to my fellow travellers on this particularly difficult path. Hope 2011 brings you some good times and happy surprises!



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