2008 Review of Personal Injury Reported Road Accident Statistics

The review of National Statistics on road accidents involving personal injury has now been completed. These statistics provide the essential evidence base for the Government’s Road Safety Strategy and for setting and monitoring targets to reduce road accident casualties by 2010 and beyond.

The aims of the review were to confirm the information needs of users and to assess whether the STATS19 collection system fulfils its requirement to provide accurate and credible road accident data to meet these needs.  A key consideration was to minimise the bureaucracy, time and resources for the police and others involved in the data collection process.

Data providers and users including central government, local police forces, local authorities and external road safety organisations were consulted. The consultation ran from February to April 2009.

The preliminary findings of the review were published on 4 February 2010. The full report on the outcome of the review has now been published (5 August). Both reports are available below. The Department has also published the research report "Road Casualty Injury Severity Classification - A Feasibility Study"

For further information please contact:

Stats19review@dft.gsi.gov.uk or by post to:

STATS19 Review
Department for Transport
Great Minster House
Zone 2/21
76, Marsham Street
London SW1P 4DR

A copy of the current STATS19 Report Form showing the variables currently collected and the instructions for completion can also be found below. Road casualty statistics, analysis and publications can be found at:

The 2008 Review of Reported Road Casualties Statistics (440 kb)

This report sets out the outcome of the latest in a series of regular reviews of reported personal injury road casualty statistics which ensure the system remains fit for purpose and relevant.

05 August 2010

The 2008 Review of Reported Road Casualty Statistics - Summary Report (115 kb)

04 February 2010

2008 Review of Road Accident Injury Statistics - consultation letter (42 kb)

Consultation letter

05 February 2009
Last update:
19 February 2009

2008 Review of Road Accident Injury Statistics - consultation paper (125 kb)

Project definition and scope.

05 February 2009

2008 Review of Road Accident Injury Statistics - consultation questionnaire (140 kb)

05 February 2009

STATS19 Road Accident Injury Statistics - Report Form (135 kb)

05 February 2009

STATS20 Instructions for the completion of Road Accident Reports (2 Mb)

05 February 2009

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