• Alcohol unit calculator

    Alcohol unit calculator

    It can be hard to tell how many units are in different types of alcoholic drink. Use this unit calculator to find out how many units there are in a single drink or in a number of drinks.

  • BMI healthy weight calculator

    BMI healthy weight calculator

    BMI is good way to check if you are a healthy weight. Use our BMI calculator to check the whole family and find helpful information and advice. BMI is a measure of whether you're a healthy weight for your height.

  • Caring for Jasmine

    Caring for Jasmine video wall

    Watch a family describe their experiences of caring for 16 year old Jasmine, who has autism, scoliosis, dyslexia and dyspraxia.

  • A guide to screening and tests

    Screening and testing timeline

    Use this interactive timeline to find out what screening and testing you should be going for at each stage in life. This includes all the screening organised through the NHS Cancer Screening Programme.

  • Couch to 5K running plan

    Couch to 5K running plan

    This audio running plan will guide you from couch to running 5K or (30 minutes) in just nine weeks. Download the podcasts and simply follow the audio instructions.

  • Workplace health check

    Office health check

    Health and safety is vital in any workplace. Use this tool to assess your workplace and learn whether improvements could be made.

  • STI video wall

    STI video wall

    Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are passed on through intimate sexual contact. Watch these videos featuring real people and experts to learn more.

  • Growing up video wall

    Growing up video wall

    Watch videos of teens and pre-teens talking about puberty, sex, love, peer pressure, coming out and being transgender, plus an animation of how the menstrual cycle works.

  • Fitness video wall

    Fitness video wall

    From learning how to ride a bike to Bollywood dancing, watch these videos about the different ways people of all ages are keeping fit.

Drinking and alcohol

Calculate your units, read about the health risks of drinking too much and find out where to get help and support.

Are you a social drinker?

'Social drinkers' may be causing just as much harm to their health as binge drinkers and alcoholics.