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From the Pregnancy blog

  • 19 weeks plus two days ...

    Hello, Just thought I would update you all with how I'm getting on. Well, I think I've grown a bit (although some people say its hard to tell - I feel massive- I was around a size 12 to start with). I haven't told everyone at work yet, as I'm still hoping to keep things quiet until after my 20 week scan next week. I'm really nervous...

  • by inca20
    Written less than 1 hour ago
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From the Couch to 5K forum

  • Re: My Diary

    hi kate (if you are still there), hi mamof4 yes, please post with us. great to have someone else to share this with & share their progress. I already feel like kate & lorna are my running buddies! you sound very determined. especially after feeling disappointed. well done you! & on a big run aswell nite nite

  • by shelleymcbelly
    Written 21 hours ago

From the Beyond 5k

  • Re: Beyond C25K

    Still doing 5k three times a week at the moment. I've invested in a HRM and worn it twice now, but still toying with how to approach the training for York. I had intended a 10k this weekend to kick start me in to it, but I've been full of cold since Friday! I think intervals will be the way to go. Or, at least, some progressive training with...

  • by andystev
    Written 2 days ago

From the Beyond 5k

  • Re: Onwards......

    Having filed a 'Missing Mojo' report with the local police today's run was a bit better. Not the best but much more steady despite the blowy conditions, just about back to 6k pace I think. I think I will do my normal three this week then a longer one next Sunday and switch to two runs in the week then alternate ParkRuns and longer ones at...

  • by gmcrimsonwing
    Written 1 day ago

From the Beyond 5k

  • Re: My New Diary..and new challenges await.

    [quote user="TJflute"]doesn't '10 miles' have a nice ring about it?[/quote] It does for me! After doing 5 weeks with a single long run of 10K I have embarked on a 5 week 10% a week increase to 10 miles. Today I did 8.65 miles, next I am going to do 9.3 then 10 in 2 weeks unless something happens before. I did feel tired today,...

  • by Quantumfire
    Written 1 day ago

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