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The feelings I have longed for... But lost!

by milkybar on 26 April 2011

So today I arrived back from my long weekend away in Wales! I did enjoy the get away...I wished I had never had to come back!...

The tiny... exceptionally tiny cottage, with its quaint little kitchen, and the sqaure checked table clothes, the wooden shelving units decorated with pretty plates, the little log fire... that burns so brightly and you just want to curl up beside it. The little bedroom up in the roof!... with soft pillows that absorb every strain from your head... the thick covers that while the cottage is cold on a night, hug you with so much warmth! The bright blue sky and the view of the sea from just outside your window! The fields surrounding you, not a neighbour in sight.. Not for a few minutes walk through the unmarked county lanes!....4 maybe 5 miles from the local harbour/town into the hills and fields we stayed...

I enjoyed just sitting up on high rocks above the deserted loacl pebble beach... watching the waves for what seemed like hours but was barely minutes... Just laying down on the grass, the sun beaming down on me while I tried and watched the few clouds pass... The dark nightly stroll through the unmarked lanes towards the lighthouse... Pitch Black but so quiet! My main enjoyment came from the company I kept... My best friend, whom I would do anything for...We've been there for each other this weekend! Even when our conversations turned somewhat low and deep we could pick each other up some little bit :)

I slept so well this weekend, a few nights anyway...  It may have been due to the fresh sea air and no pollution as few cars passed... perhaps from the walking we did and the 6 or 7 hour journey to get there! Maybe just the relaxation, to switch off felt natural...


Now here I am, a bad end I feel to what has been such a nice change to my usual blogs... I'm sat here wide awake... mind racing and temazepam not working.. I took it 4or 5 hours ago... I have laid in bed I have shut all light out.. I have closed my eyes, opened and closed but no.. I just have this not good feling anymore... what am I scared of so much here at home... ?


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torchwood fan said on 26 April 2011

hi sometimes getting away from all your responcibilities can be great. i love the seaside i could stay there forever it seems so peacefull none of my children come on holiday with us anymore so now its quiet just the two of us but its great sometimes to get away not to cook clean and be dragged down with others problems. at home our commitments come back and our problems with them although im glad to get back to my bed as i feel safe there alone most times i can watch a dvd if you can guess what  torchwood of course what else take care and keep blogging

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