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The Positive Side Of Things!

by milkybar on 1 May 2011

A positive outlook today :)

So after opening up to my folks... I never wanted them to see, but it's how you get help isn't it. The long wait in A&E was unnecassary. I wasn't in urgent need. There was no emergency, no accident... All deliberate... Deliberate self harm, but no urgency to it. The blades were blunt and small, barley scratches on my already scarred arms! But NHS Direct insisted I go there! Three hours waiting to see triage for no reason and another two to see a consultant phycihatrist.

They wanted to keep me in at the mental health unit, for a short stay to asses me, but had no room! So sent me home... I had to sleep with my mum so she could keep an eye on me and I cannot be alone and I am now back under the Crisis Home Help Team, I am expecting a visit later today, and will let you know how it goes. I think they want to asses me and see if they feel I would benefit from a stay in hospital. Or to go to some classes and see a consultant etc...

So today I feel somewhat cheerful. I am not sure what kind of cheerful, myself cheerful or the start of something else. Either way I will enjoy it while I can!

The sun is shining today! :)


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