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im feeling very alone BPD

by torchwood fan on 25 April 2011

i feel i boasted i felt better i was well i suppose i got what i deserved i feel like ive crashed and broken i was listening to the radio earlier this morning there was a sond sung by a woman i dont know who but it was called just seemed like me and know i cant get the words out of my head i cried why am i a failure in everything i do.i got weighed this morning and ive put more weight on im 12 stones overweight now i dont want to live like this im so tired of it all you all have problems but you didnt end up like me i hate having to go out and hear all the nasty comments it hurts no one likes me all the anti deppressents anti sycotics and now the diazapan added in they were working and i was feeling so much better so i guess  i have to sort this one out myself.i just wish i never see anyone i hate myself for what i am i hate having BPD and i just want to crawl in a corner on my own i feel their is no hope left for me anymoe. im so lonely its eating me up inside and i cant see a way out i desperatly need to get some weight off i know it would make me feel better i just want it all to go away


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JoinedUp1 said on 25 April 2011

So sorry you are feeling so low and the only courage you need right now is getting from one minute to the next!

Get to the next minute and the rest will take care of itself.  

Q: Will you find the support you need in a corner?

As they say the longest journey starts with the smallest of steps ......and we all had to learn to take those.

Good luck

Candycan said on 25 April 2011

Im so sorry to hear you feel this way. I hope you wont be too hard on yourself. You are as valuable a human being as anyone else in the world and have as much right to feel good about yourself as the next person. You don't deserve to be harmed by anyone, including yourself.

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