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  • It's been a long time

    by Karin Donnelly on 09 January 2009

    Sorry, have not been on here for ages!!  I keep thinking that I will pop on and put some thoughts down and then something else happens and I forget.

    Well I seem to finally had a breakthrough with my doctor.  It has taken about a year in order to get her to realise that I don't just have minor depression and no going to the gym won't help to 'lift my mood'  all it did was make me tired and sleep even more than usual.  Since I was last on here I have been on 2 different types of anti depressants but the one that I am on now des seem to be helping slightly more than any other that I have had which is always good.

    After 7 sessions of counselling I have been referred for Psychotherapy now and have my initial assessment next week so I am hoping that it all goes well there. 

    I have decided that I will attempt to keep a sort of mood journal where I can make a note of how tired I am, how much I sleep, my mood, anything significant that happens in the day etc in the hope that this may help with my psychotherapy sessions.  Well it can't do any harm can it!!

    Anyhow, should probably try and get some sleep now it's getting quite late.  I will try and make the effort to post more often on here. 


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