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An experience of prostate cancer: 16. Disappointing progress

by AgedTenor on 17 September 2010

Me again. Had a great summer and am now much fitter and have lost over half a stone (deliberately!). The waterworks are getting a bit pathetic again so it may be time for another session of urethral dilation or catheterisation. I had a blood test on 6 September (the first since the end of radiotherapy) and, in spite of all hopes to the contrary, my PSA count is up (from 3.0 post-op to 3.6 now). No-one seems to have a sensible explanation for this but I can only assume the cancer is lurking somewhere biding its time. Next blood test is just before Christmas. I certainly have no symptoms and can't do much except get on with life and hope for the best. Gained a sixth grandchild over the summer and the software is going well so plenty to be cheerful about.


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Caspar said on 17 September 2010

Congrats on the grandchild!

Sorry to hear your PSA count is up... but at least it's being monitored regularly. And it's a great attitude you have about getting on with it. Let us know how your next test goes!

Urology Clinic London said on 12 January 2011

There is lots of useful information on PSA test results and good advice at

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