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An experience of prostate cancer 17: PSA Doubling Time

by AgedTenor on 16 January 2011

I had another blood test before Christmas and my PSA has now reached 5.24. This has renewed my interest in the topic of PDT, PSA Doubling Time. As a computer geek of long standing I am well aware of how rapidly a number can get huge if you keep on doubling it. Take 2 and double it and you get 4. Double it ten times and you get 1024 - twenty times and you get over a million! So your PDT can give you a fair idea of how soon things could get serious. If you go to the site you can feed in your readings and it will calculate your PDT. Feeding in my September reading of 3.36 and my December reading of 5.24 gives a PDT of 4.67 months. My oncologist tells me they won't consider starting hormone treatment till my PSA rises above 20. The graph from the above site tells me that will occur by September this year. Meanwhile I have no symptoms and am getting on with life as normal. Did a great concert last night with Crouch End Festival Chorus of two really difficult pieces. Paul McGann (Dr Who No 8) was narrating for the second piece. It all went awesomely - what a terrific choir! My back's giving me a lot of trouble (not cancer related) so I'm going to see if I can sort that properly once and for all.


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numan said on 21 January 2011

First of all, I'd like to wish you a belated happy new year. I must say that I really admire the spirit that you're cooping with your illness. Surely, you have given me inspiration to face my fears as I was diagnosed with BPH just over a year ago and took Xatral but never relieved my symptoms. Just after Christmas (27 Dec) my urologist performed a bladder cystoscopy and we discovered a growth on the left hand side of bladder wall plus other abnormal findings that requires me doing another rigid cystoscopy to remove them and take to lab to see whether benign or malignant. You've given me hope with your spirit and bravery, thank you so much and I sincerely hope that your PSA declines well before next September. All the best mate!

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