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No symptoms and a low PSA does not always mean you are ok.

by Kevin999 on 29 March 2011

My first post on this subject will I hope act as a cautionary tale to all men.  Around a year ago following a routine test I was referred to my GP because my blood pressure was a little high, blood tests followed which included a PSA test.

The Blood pressure problems were sorted and the PSA test came back as 4, quite normal for a man of 55 years of age.  The GP asked if I had any on the symptoms, no was the reply, possibly a little urgency but nothing that caused a problem.

I was asked to go back a year later for a follow up test, this came back as 4.8, still not high but up over the previous year, again the questions asked and the response was the same.  The GP felt that given I had been diagnosed and treated for a malignant melanoma some years previously it would be advisable to have a biopsy

Given the low PSA score and no symptoms to speak of I approached my appointment with the consultant to receive the results in a positive manner.  Unfortunately a clear result was not the case and I was informed I had a Gleeson score of 7 and treatment was required.

If I can push one message out to people it would be, don’t be complacent, a low PSA score does not mean you are ok, and please remember to go back once a year for follow up checks.


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