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Check ups and symptoms

by Grahamn278 on 7 March 2011

My wife died of secondary breast cancer in September 2008, just before I was due for a health check and the day after my sister's wedding..  I paid a discounted rate for a health check through work every two years and delayed the 2008 one until October.

Okay, so I was a bit overweight, but physically fit; and they pointed out that my PSA was a bit raised.  I wasn't sure of the value but thought nothing more of it until I went to see my GP the following May about a basal cell carcinoma forming on my nose.  She noticed on my records (which had been forwarded to the surgery) the raised PSA and advised on another blood test.

The next test showed a value of 8.2 and so I was referred to a urologist.  He also arranged another blood test and this confirmed the value.  So, next step was the biopsy which involved a general anaesthetic, but no overnight stay.  This confirmed prostate cancer, in both lobes.  A subsequent MRI showed isolation to the prostate and options were discussed.  I opted for High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) as it could address the issue and if it didn't then brachiotherapy or radiotherapy were still possible.  A resection of the prostate (TURP) was also required.  This was all performed in late January 2010 (the poor weather in early January had caused a postponement), just a few days after my mother passed away.  I was in for a couple of days and then went home with a catheter.  A week later the catheter was removed and the following day put back in after my pipework siezed up!  A week later it was removed and the waterworks worked properly.  The next PSA was 0.04.  Subsequently I have had readings of 0.05 and 0.06, so the HIFU has worked well so far.

My brother in law has not been so lucky.  He was diagnosed before Christmas and since his prostate was so large, a full prostatectomy was recommended.  This was performed last Saturday and he's home today.  Fingers crossed for us all. Hopefully we can all move on and my sister regain some sanity after the trials of the last couple of years.


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