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Men need to be Aware: 1 - What is wrong with me?

by monty2011 on 1 March 2011

In 2000 I developed a lump and a little soreness to my lower abdomen. On visiting my GP it was found to be a hernia. This was repaired and all was ok again until 2002. In 2002 I was suffering with some ailment, I forget what, but it resulted in me visiting my GP again. Having recieved a prescription for my problem I casually said, "Doctor while I am here ......"

I lived thirty minutes drive away from where I worked. I had a wee before leaving home and another when I reached my work place. I found nothing wrong or troublesome about that, but if I had to travel further either for work or for personal reasons, half an hour into my journey I would want to be stopping. My belief was that I had started a habit and again I wasn't overly perturbed about it. Except I began to realise my nights were being intermittently disturbed as well, so as I was visiting my Doctor I thought I would raise the point. The doctor felt around my lower abdomen and gave me an internal examination (An embarrassing, but not painful finger up the rectum). His conclussion was that I had possibly another hearnia coming and he told me to return if the symptoms worsened. Thank you doctor. 

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