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Meet an alter: Shan

by Candycan on 2 May 2011

If you are very proper and easily offended, don't read this post!

I would like to introduce you to Shan.

Shan is an alter who my husband would say is 'his favourite Candycan'.

This is probably mainly because Shan loves sex (and variety in it), has no inhibitions and lives life to the full with confidence and energy (pretty much the opposite of me!).

Shan is bisexual, although up until now, hasn't had a lot of experience with the ladies. This is something she is hoping will change in the future but really, I can't see how that would be compatible with a happy marriage but that's a debate for another time.

Shan sees herself quite differently than I see myself. I feel ugly, Shan feels sexy. I am introverted, she is extroverted. I think everyone hates me, Shan thinks everyone wants to #%*& her... and she wants to #%*& them too. Shan's full name (nickname: remember we are all 'Candycan') is Shandy but she's not so sure about this so we'll call her 'Shan' for now.

What does Shan wear? This surprises me a little because being that she thinks she's so sexy, you'd think she'd want to look sexy but in actual fact she often wouldn't bother with makeup (I guess why would she if she's already so hot?) and would be inclined to hang around in what I call my 'lesbian jeans' (they are baggy and have big pockets: cringe!) and a tartan shirt. She might be found wearing more seductive clothes but not regularly since Shan doesn't tend to be the one in charge when I go shopping, so the wardrobe options she has are limited. Maybe Candycan should be a bit more considerate and try to find some garments that Shan can express herself with. We might end up looking like mutton dressed as lamb though!

Shan would tend to have messy hair, she likes to scruff it all up as she thinks this adds to her 'wild' appeal. Hubbie certainly likes it.

Shan likes to swear, but tends not to in front of hubbie as he is a good boy and doesn't approve of such bad language. She also loves to dance.

Shan is a bit of a nympho really. She sees the appeal in everyone and would try to seduce a lamp post if there was no one else around. Shan thinks she could show my T a thing or too, which I find quite disturbing given that my T is a very proper middle aged lady. Shan is very proud of her rampant rabbit, (not that it gets used much!) but to her it represents something. I don't know what... maybe freedom or liberation or something feminist (lol).

Shan doesn't come out very much, unfortunately. Having Shan out is fun. Shan feels liberated and when she's about, so do I. But her visits are short and infrequent.

So that's Shan in a nutshell!

Shan wrote this poem which I don't think she would mind me sharing with you all. The poem makes me cringe but I don't want to deny what is, after all, part of the overall 'us'. It's called 'Sparkling Love'...

Sparkling Love

I can bring you ecstacy
I will taste your thrill
You are not too old to learn
Take my diamond pill

Let yourself be open now
Holding not to pride
Soaring up to reach the sky
When I go inside

Think you now you know the heights
The waves of purest pleasure
But you've only had a sip
Until you've shared my treasure

When I hold you, fill you up
We will melt together
See the colours of my soul
In your mind forever


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