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Obesity in midlife linked to dementia

Tuesday May 3 2011

“Obesity in middle age increases the risk of dementia,” reported The Guardian. The newspaper reported that compared to people of normal weight during middle age, the risk of dementia later in life was around 80% higher...

Body shape linked to heart deaths

Tuesday May 3 2011

“People with coronary artery disease have an increased risk of death if they have fat around the waist,” BBC News has reported. This news story is based on a systematic review that combined...

Heart attacks 'worse in the morning'

Thursday Apr 28 2011

“Heart attacks are far more dangerous in the mornings than at any other time of the day,” reported the Daily Mail. It said that patients who had an attack between 6am and midday suffered a fifth more damage...

Researchers link spring births to anorexia

Thursday Apr 28 2011

“People born in spring are 'more likely' to become anorexic,” reported The Independent. The newspaper said the finding comes from the first large-scale study of the link between anorexia and the season of birth.

New guidance for ovarian cancer tests

Wednesday Apr 27 2011

The diagnosis and early treatment of ovarian cancer is in the news today, with the publication of new NICE guidance for doctors on recognising ovarian cancer. NICE call for more initial investigations (such as a blood test)...

Chilli peppers 'help to burn fat'

Wednesday Apr 27 2011

“A sprinkling of red chilli peppers on your dinner keeps hunger pangs at bay,” reports the Daily Mail. It said that spicing up a daily diet with chopped chilli peppers could help curb your appetite. The effects of capsaicin...

Kidney damage 'reversed' in diabetic mice

Wednesday Apr 27 2011

BBC News has reported that “diet can ‘reverse kidney failure’ in mice”. It said that a diet high in fat and low in carbohydrate can repair kidney damage in diabetic mice. The research looked at...

Do painkillers ‘stop Prozac working?’

Tuesday Apr 26 2011

“Aspirin and other popular painkillers could prevent Prozac from working properly,” the Daily Mail reported. This news story was based on research that was predominantly in mice, examining the effects of combining...

Crying babies and later behavioural problems

Thursday Apr 21 2011

“Babies who persistently cry and those who have difficulties with sleeping or feeding are more likely to develop behavioural problems in later life,” reported The Independent. The story is based on an analysis of 22 studies...

TB screening assessed

Thursday Apr 21 2011

“TB screening misses 70% of latent cases,” reported The Guardian. The newspaper says that experts have called for a change to tuberculosis (TB) screening policy. They suggest that a relatively new blood test...

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