These resources are intended to support trainers by providing information on the skills and competencies they should already have or be working towards when in this role.
They also provide guidance to Junior Trainers who are planning to move into a training post.

Resources for Trainers

Generic Job Description for Trainer  (pdf, 27KB).  This document outlines the areas of responsibility, knowledge and skills required by a Trainer.  It references the Knowledge and Skills Framework (KSF) dimensions for each area of responsibility identified. 

KSF Outline for Trainer (pdf, 35KB) details the dimensions and levels that relate to the Trainer’s role (as agreed by the ETD Practitioner National Reference Group).

National Job Profile for Trainer (pdf, 13KB) shows which of the National Occupational Standards apply to a Trainer. 

Courses and Qualifications for Trainers  (pdf, 192KB) – use this document to find out which courses and qualifications other trainers in the NHS have identified as relevant to their role. They are organised into headings by skills and knowledge.

Case studies realting to Trainer Development

Case Study for ETD Facillitator

Case study for IT Trainer and Business Support

Supporting resources for all trainers

Additional and useful information on the following areas is also available 
• ETD Standards and Benchmarking
• eLearning
• Health Informatics Career Framework
• Mentoring and Coaching
• Action Learning Sets
• Networking via the eSpace ETD Communities
• Knowledge management
• Resources to support benefits management in Informatics

Access the supporting resources

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