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Housebound Forums & Experience of Agoraphobia

by Housebound Forums on 29 October 2010


I am a carer for my husband who is housebound due to suffering from agoraphobia., depression and anxiety.

He has been housebound now for over two years. Our lives totally changed after he had a panic attack and the only place he felt safe after it was home. He got progressively worse and is now agoraphobic.

It very hard as our lives are completely different now, we used to socialise a lot but now unable to. We decided to see if we could help others or meet new people who was in a similar situation to us.

We recently developed a forum for people who find themselves housebound at times for days, weeks, months or longer at a time. We have been overwhelmed by the response and need for such a simple thing as a forum.

We have specic condition rooms as well as a lounge for general chat and carers section. We are different in that we have a fun section that includes quiz nights, book reviews, recipes and more. We want to bring the outside inside and help others who are in a similar situation to ourselves. Setting the forum has helped my husband immensely, he now has more motivation and has something to get up for in the morning.

We love the fact that we can help other and have recently been added to the NHS HEALTH A-Z Pages and NHS Carers Direct Directory. As well as the NHS we have support from numerous organisation and overwhelmed by the response.

We hope that from our own experience we can help others.


Housebound Forums


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dizzygirl said on 3 November 2010

that comment "Panic attack and anxiety" above, posted on 31 oct 2010, is a link to an that allowed??

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