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  • Meet an alter: Shan

    by Candycan on 02 May 2011
    If you are very proper and easily offended, don't read this post! I would like to introduce you to Shan. Shan is an alter who my husband would say is 'his favourite Candycan'. This is probably mainly because Shan loves sex (and variety in it), has no inhibitions and lives life to the full with confidence and energy (pretty much the opposite...
  • feeling sleepy

    by fibromum_to_6 on 02 May 2011
    Awoke at 4 am wide awake after just 4 hours sleep, got up and then tried to get back off to sleep again only to be awake again at 6am feeling irritable at everything. Drifted back off to sleep only to be woken by my carer for a strip wash today , I should have cancelled and enjoyed a Pj day really. Managed another nap and then hung out a small basket...

    (from the ME & Fibromyalgia blog)

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  • Another week ,another poem...So who do you want me to be now?

    by fibromum_to_6 on 01 May 2011
    The victim of a high speed crash? A famous swimmer on a high board - splash! A bored secretary handling petty cash? A Mum whose moaning 'bout nappy rash. No! Had my Mum time when tandem feeding. How about cars?.. the pleasure of speeding? Begging for mercy on my knees pleading? Or is that the Librarian lost in her reading? The smile on her face...

    (from the ME & Fibromyalgia blog)

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  • 3rd Trimester, Rocking out with my Bump out!

    by GeekySweetheart on 01 May 2011
    WEEK 28 people!! whoo!! haha! So I made that dress out of 2 T-Shirts and some scrap red fabric I had around the place, (more info on that coming soon to my home blog ) but unfortunately not everything about being 28 weeks is as fabulous as that picture.... I had my 28 week midwife appointment and for the second time my urine has glucose in it... so...
  • The Positive Side Of Things!

    by milkybar on 01 May 2011
    A positive outlook today :) So after opening up to my folks... I never wanted them to see, but it's how you get help isn't it. The long wait in A&E was unnecassary. I wasn't in urgent need. There was no emergency, no accident... All deliberate... Deliberate self harm, but no urgency to it. The blades were blunt and small, barley scratches...

    (from the Mental health blog)

  • Thoughts on self harming

    by Candycan on 01 May 2011
    I am not feeling down but I know something is wrong because I have stopped short of self harming a few times this week and this evening had some strong feelings of needing to purge after I ate. When things are good, I don't think about these things. In fact, I havent cut myself since last November-ish time. Thats five months. I havent made myself...

    (from the Mental health blog)

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  • Next stage coming up

    by JaneB from Sussex on 30 April 2011
    Dear Everyone, I hope you are all keeping on top of your COPD, especially now that the warmer weather is with us. Thought I would report back to you following my pulmonary rehab course which came to an end recently. It was really very good but I had to keep my oxygen on constant (4) as the levels quickly decreased once I started on those exercises....

    (from the COPD blog)

  • Intolerable!

    by milkybar on 28 April 2011
    I want to write something... To tell you everything I feel but the head won't allow it...! I cannot concentrate once again! The noises in my head loud... How can I sleep when the animals are screaming in my head! How can I sit still when all I wanna do is run!! How can I speak when all I wanna do is scream!! I wish they would lock me away for a...

    (from the Mental health blog)

  • I want to be alone, I love my teddy and my friend is a....

    by Candycan on 27 April 2011
    So, I'm thinking something is going on in Candycanland as of late. OK I shouldn't really be surprised; it's probably just the after effects of a really tough session with T last Thursday, but I guess because I haven't been feeling miserable or preoccupied with it since, I thought I was OK. But taking a step back from myself I observe...
  • SNAP!

    by milkybar on 27 April 2011
    Well, it was only a matter of time... I wish I hadn't broken down infront of everyone at work, and definately not infront of a patient! So I was sent home yesterday lunch, I can't tell you exactly what happened leading up to the moment I realised I couldn't handle everything. My memory chooses not to show me this. Perhaps it's saving...
  • Hedgehogs

    by milkybar on 26 April 2011
    "A defense that all species of hedgehogs possess is the ability to roll into a tight ball, causing all of the spines to point outwards. However, its effectiveness depends on the number of spines, and since some of the desert hedgehogs evolved to carry less weight, they are much more likely to try to run away and sometimes even attack the intruder...

    (from the Mental health blog)

  • Poxy Easter!

    by alexis green on 26 April 2011
    What a fun way to spend Easter! Sophie is covered in chicken pox, I have my suspicions over where and who she contracted it from After managing to keep the girls entertained everyday over the easter hols we were planning a weekend away, both as a reward for them being good and a treat for us, so left on Good Friday to visit Chatsworth house, had a great...

    (from the Birth to five blog)

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  • A Poem: The Struggle

    by Candycan on 26 April 2011
    The Struggle Looking out from up above Those hands, those feet, the voice They move and sound so far away Controlling: not my choice I hear the cry of one in fear, She folds herself in pain I struggle to come down to aide But struggle now in vain I'm here but I can't be the one To hush, to soothe, to see You call my name, I hear your voice Though...

    (from the Mental health blog)

  • The feelings I have longed for... But lost!

    by milkybar on 26 April 2011
    So today I arrived back from my long weekend away in Wales! I did enjoy the get away...I wished I had never had to come back!... The tiny... exceptionally tiny cottage, with its quaint little kitchen, and the sqaure checked table clothes, the wooden shelving units decorated with pretty plates, the little log fire... that burns so brightly and you just...
  • My Mother makes me so angry

    by Candycan on 25 April 2011
    My mum makes me so angry and I can't exactly explain why! Every time I have a conversation with her I feel like we are on two different planets. She has a completely illogical way of thinking about everything and thinks she is the ultimate wisdom on any matter. She cant just have a conversation, she has to feel like she is enlightening me somehow...
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